Go big or go home!…. I’m going Big!!!!

Hola !!….

Iphone 131

I hope that many good thing have happened and keep happening to you guys.

You know how sometimes when you are in a road or in path to achieve goals, there are moments that define those paths, sometimes might be you hitting a wall, or challenges along the road, even good news can change the path and you will have to  make adjustments.

For some people that process can be easy, fast or instantly, for some others, depending on the situation that process can take a while. Well I am one of the latter.

When I started this year I wrote  “You’re gonna hear me roar”,  I decided that this was a year to make decisions, to evaluate what next level should I take or what other path I have to walk in order to make things more stable, I’ve been fighting and working toward my goals for the past years, but there is a point when you start to evaluate, doubt and re-evaluate if all sacrifices are worth it, or if you are being realistic.

I decided that this year was the year to face some of those questions, if I am going to be able to realistically achieve my goals. I don’t regret those doubts and those questionings, I think those allowed me to look even further that where I was looking, to search more options and to not be afraid  to what the possibilities might be, meaning that if I have been afraid before about something it was time to really left all fears aside, and just focus on the goal.

This might be repetitive, I have said this before I think, but when you have not achieve that stability that we all look for, you go back and forth with thoughts and doubts, but the important thing for me is that in the process of making this a defining year, I was able  to believe in some chances that I haven’t even considered before because I thought there where not for me, well guess what if you don’t ask you will never know,  a lesson that weirdly I already knew and have applied before in other circumstances but haven’t done it lately.

Iphone 107

I’ve been living in New York for the past four years, I graduated and have done some work as journalist along with my English classes (yes I’m still learning… this language is not easy haha), I have been trying to find a way to do what I love to do, what I believe I was born to be,  a Journalist. The path it’s not easy, there are so many challenges, so many obstacles that this profession has and when you are not from this country you can add some others too, as probably people in other professions also face.

But in  this defining year, I am still willing to do all in my possibilities to try, to explore all possible chances and routes, that I want this so much, that I will keep trying. Even when I think I am given up, I found myself thinking possible ways or solution to keep finding options. I have always been a strong and determinate person but this past years as I have shared before that determination have been tested to the maximum, I don’t ask for sympathy, I chose this and I have to face it, although I am infinity thankful with my family, they keep trusting in me and supporting me even when their mind probably have told them to say stop and give up.

I’m in a stage that I can compare to a team or a player reaching a final game of a tournament,  it’s the now or never state of mind, and there is no looking back or no way to return, it’s putting all in because there is the chance that you will win, as in every sports there is also the chance to lose, but you never think about that and never compete thinking about that because then why competing at all.

I think after fours years of planning carefully, taking risks with some decisions, and also missing some chances too,  I feel I have reached the final of this season. Like in a tournament you have to play so many games before reaching a final, you might lose some and win others but still qualify to be in that final game, then when you reach it, you start the preparation. The past five months I have gone through that Final preparation process that include a mental change, a physical adjustment and a strategic adjustment too, you have reached the final, it’s something that change the  mind-set,  you go all or nothing, like the say “Go Big or Go home”…. wohooo!!

So I going Big, I am ready to win!!

Go big

If you lose a final, it hurts but all professional athletes or players will start immediately planning how to reach  it again and how to win it. Which is kind of funny because the same thing happen when you win, with the only difference that you will take your time to celebrate but then you go back to think how to win again! The beauty of life!

Sorry for my absent. I entered this year with determination and facing a lot of uncertainties,  I also faced some healthy issues, if you add that my best friend came to visit and some of my best friends left the country for good, so you can imagine… In between touring around the city, school, saying good-bye, and all this evaluating and brainstorming ideas that took more time that what I thought, well days got shorter, but as I said in my last post I left it all to God, I gave him all control of my life, problems, worries and those uncertainties, and He have answered me with good news, I share more of this later ;)!!!… I can haply share that everything is good!  I am healthy as I can be too and just thinking on making healthy decisions to have a healthy life.

Now I have big plans, big changes, I feel I have a second chance to fix some things, but also I re- realized (can you say that word? :O) that I only have one life, in letting the things that I can not control to God I find new ideas on the things that I can control, I am trying to find that balance between walking by faith, trusting that He will always answer and doing my part which is keep going, keep fighting and keep working hard.  Sometimes you think why I didn’t  come up with this idea or did something else two or three years ago, why now, and the answer I found was “Who Cares!!!”  I can not be waiting  on things to happen,  I can not keep postponing actions, I have to do my part and God will take care of the rest, because life will not wait until you get the courage to do those things. The only moment that matters is today, this moment, the NOW.


Thank you for stopping by all these months! Thank you for reading or making it thru this post, (longgg I knooow!!!) I love this blog so much, even if I am not the best blogger in the whole word… :/.

Thank you for your patience, I might have been very vague with all this rambling, forgive me if I couldn’t  properly explain it to you.

As always if you want to share something with me about your goals, dreams and paths or random thought feel free to leave it in the comment area.

Let’s go Big!!


Pictures from weit and mine.

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You’re gonna hear me roar!! Happy New Year :)

Hello corazones !!

photo nye

I’m totally ready to say good-bye to 2013 and ready for this New Year, 2014 here I come, you’re definitely will hear me roar!!

 got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire
‘Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar
Louder, louder than a lion
‘Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar

What a year, really what a year, I think each year has a purpose and I think is being able to grow as a person, so the challenges of this year will make me stronger than what I am able to acknowledge at this point, which I think was 2013 purposes. So with that in mind of course I am happy to get to a New Year!

I just read a couple of hours ago that sometimes we think that a New Year only means that things continue just the way they are that nothing changes because a New Year starts, but in reality it does means that time is moving on and with that things will also move on and move forward, which is why I am so happy during New Years Eve, I get so excited, it means new hopes and that feeling that things and dreams still can be achieved.

So yes I am ready to roar as loud as possible, this days everyone ask you about resolution for the upcoming year, and if you or as you know I love to do Resolutions is my method even if I end up doing the opposite, the idea of having some sort of plan or goals in order or a clear view make me feel more in control to start the year, the funny thing is that this 2014 is full of uncertainties, there are so many factors that are out of my control and can go to one way or to another so when they asked me what are my resolutions at first I thought I really don’t know and don’t know if I will have this year but this is life, and despite the uncertainty I walk by faith and I don’t depend on the uncertainties I depend on my faith and the certainty that God promised me that I will received the desires of my heart!!


And I am truly believe that so yes  I will make my New Year Resolutions, more than any other year they will have a deep meaning, which is that I believe that dreams come true and that I can go as far as I have dreamed and that there are no limits when I fight and work for my goal! Besides I love make those resolutions it’s so fun and excited and puts my mind in such a determinate and focus place, the funny part comes at the end of middle of the year when I see how things are going and I see how I went from one point to a totally different point that I haven’t even considered… Welcome to Life!!

What remains constant is the love of my family, their support beyond their possibilities,  they are the ones that don’t let me quit when things get roughs and they are my most value inspiration, motivation and pure love, I thank God every day for them, for their health, life, strength, example, I thank God for giving me my precious small family, and my faith which is my motor to keep going!!

Have a Happy New Years Eve my dear friends!! Thank you for being with me all this year with my few post, believe me I have enjoyed so much, and I think I wrote more this year than last year so I will say that it was a 2013 resolution kind of accomplished… kind of hahaha.


I wish you a 2014 full of blessings, great things, prosperity, love and whatever your hearts and minds dream!! I don’t drink at all, but this year I’m having a glass of wine, I think this year deserve it hahaha… Let’s enjoy this last hours of 2013, be safe remember we want to get to 2014 in full ready mode!

If you are doing resolutions I have this process I posted a couple of years ago, if you want some ideas, is long post as usual I have a weakness I write a lot, but you can skip some parts and just take the main ideas here.

Now I’m floating like a butterfly
Stinging like a bee I earned my stripes
I went from zero, to my own hero

Happy New Year!!!


Pictures thanks to: first one is mine, 2 and 3 from Pinterest, video from YouTube.  

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Merry Christmas!!

Hello y’all!!


Merry belated Christmas everyone!! ;)

This months and this year has gone so fast, I love this season and it’s almost over but the last couple of weeks I have had some kind of epiphanies as I like to call them, first I’ve been doing a lot of thinking as usual, not like the usual going around the same circle type of thinking but this time it has been a positive and  moving forward type, which is great, I feel like I am getting to  the next level of growing at least at this point in my life!

So after a couple of challenging months, I have decided to leave it all to God, and worry no more, I’m letting it all go, I can’t lie to you, some moments I felt that thing in your stomach when you feel vulnerable and lost, but during this past two weeks I just decided to jump into life and trust! It feels like the old me like the way I have always been but improved, this is why I love the holidays, I get the best gift, some perspective and an understanding of my life, my priorities and a clear vision of the goal even if I don’t know the how…  It’s like what I’ve been trying to do during the past months but haven’t been able to fully accomplish,  finally I feeling it without the tiredness or stress.

So what did you do during the holidays, did Santa brought you what you asked him? Were you in the nice list or in the naughty?? This is so funny haha


I think I’ve been in between both list like getting into one and them moving to the other ;/ upsi… although I have to be honest I think I spent a lot of time in the naughty list and not for what you might think…. haaa dirty minds haha…. nooo just normal things that didn’t help to keep my positive attitude, you know the usual downs of the year.

But despite all this, Baby Jesus was nice with me, I’ve got a couple of good presents, finally after almost four years I have a small TV wohoo, well, is my sister’s haha but since we live together I have taken possession of the gift too, I also got myself a 30 days dance classes, this is going to be hilarious, well is not a secret that I have gained so much weight and I honestly dislike the gym, so I think this dancing  thing which comes natural to me will be a better more realistic way to move and shake all the extra pounds! :)

 Iphone 143

This is an special time, having part of my family away makes it a bit harder despite all the time I have been away, I still miss them deeply and even more if is possible but I am thankful that they are healthy, strong and ready to keep walking by faith too, thanks God for technology Skype is the best, seeing the face of my baby nephews showing me their presents and their happiness with the smallest and simple things is contagious, being a kid is just a humble, sincere and precious attitude, we shouldn’t let those feelings and memories go away, everything would be easy with a kid attitude.

I enjoyed Christmas, I ate so much that is ridiculous hahaha seriously thanks God that the holidays are almost over, I mean I love them and I wish I could be in a holiday  mood all year, but the food is just too much temptation and let’s face it I am weak in that area hahaha

fat cat

I hope you had a merry beautiful Christmas, mine was very peaceful and spiritual, I feel that I have found that extra strength that I needed, definitely God knows what we really need at every time! I will miss the lights and all the beautiful decoration around the city, I will try to make a post to show you some of my favorites!

Thanks for reading and I wish you a beautiful rest of the holiday season!!! Have fun and enjoy, if you want to share what you got during Christmas feel free to do it in the comments!

I love how the Salvation Army brings the Christmas spirit on the streets, some of them put some nice shows, it’s fun and a nice break when you are walking around the city! So I thought of closing this post with this small video haha

Feliz Navidad!!


Pictures 1, 3 and 5 are mine © hahaha…. 2 and 4 are from Pinterest.  Video is mine from my Vine Account.

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Once upon a December…

Hola corazones!


December is here, last month of the year and one of my favorite, it’s starting to feel like Christmas!! Even my blog has snow hehe! (Thank you wordpress)

Is a special month for many reasons, for me it’s all about the holiday season, no matter how things are in my life, the Christmas lights always make me smile, and somehow I feel hopeful about everything. One of my favorite things in life was seating in front of my tree back home, usually at night with the lights off and  just the Christmas tree and decoration lights on, I can’t explain you how peaceful I felt, it was a feeling of being in another world where all things will work out just the way I have dreamed them but feeling secure and loved by my family!

I’m not home anymore, but I still have the same feeling and even though I miss those moments I still enjoy the lights around me. I’m planning to go all Christmas crazy this year haha.

It’s that time of the year when we usually look back to what we have done this past year, we think about our accomplishments, mistakes, our success but also the challenges  we overcome and the ones we are still fighting to overcome… This is another reason of why I like December, a chance to look back, learn and move on to start a brand new sheet, a brand new year, not forgetting to be thankful about having the chance to look back which means we are still alive and in different ways we did live a whole year, and then look forward with the certainty in faith that we will have more chances, we will have more things to be thankful for, we will have a new year to keep going!


Navidad 2009 II 056

Overall this month It’s baby Jesus birthday, which for me is a beautiful miracle, and part of my faith, things are going to be alright, it’s a time to celebrate life, dreams and faith!

Navidad 2009 II 029

Thanks for reading! I hope you have a great December, a Jolly holidays and a month full of blessing, hope and happy moments!

” December: A month of lights, snow and feasts; time to make amends and tie loose ends; finish off what you started  and hope you wishes will come true.”

Feel welcome to comment :)


Pictures are mine ©… sorry for the quality hehe those are old pictures, video Anastasia – Once Upon A December English from YouTube.
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Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hello hello!!


Are you already in a food coma? I am haha…

This is crazy so many delicious food, I really wish to have more space in my stomach haha as if I haven’t gotten bigger enough, but just for the holidays and of course if I would wish something it would be eating all the food without gaining any additional pound!! I think I have eaten to much my brain is definitely in delusional mode…

I love the holiday season as you might know, the atmosphere, the decoration, the food, the sharing with friends and family! This is my third thanksgiving day, we don’t celebrate it in my country but is one of those new traditions that I have embrace while I’m here, I try to be thankful everyday or at least as much as possible otherwise life gets a bit difficult to enjoy… But there is something special about thanksgiving, starting with the name, more clear than that impossible hehe being thankful, give thanks, which means realizing what you have gone through all year and the many things we should be thankful for, but I also like the tradition, the type of food and what it means for people, I think is what it makes it an special and fun day!


I am thankful! I want to say that I’m thankful for my family, for my faith, for all the struggles of this year, I know they are preparing me for better things, I’m getting stronger each day, I’m thankful for the mistakes but mostly for all the blessings, the ones that I acknowledge once in a while but most important the ones I give for granted but are my daily blessings!

I’m thankful for this blog, it’s my travel machine to the past, present and to what I ambition in my future, it’s my space and my form of expression!


Thanks to all of you for stopping by, it have always been a great surprise for me when I see that someone has read my craziness, my rambling and my thoughts! Thanks for letting me be part of one moment of your life and thanks for been part of mine and thank you for walking with me through this path!

Let the holidays begins and I wish you all a happy thanksgiving!!! Don’t go crazy with Black Friday hahaha… Enjoy the day and many thanks as always!

If you want to share your thanksgiving special traditions, what you like the most or whatever you feel like sharing you know you can do it in the comments :)



Pictures thanks to weit and last one is mine ;), you can follow me on Instagram @MonicaJHerrera :)

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Brooklyn bound!

Hello s!

Iphone 169

Oh baby it’s cold outside!!

Yes indeed… I have mentioned before the old say; that when it rains it pours, well it has been pouring lately :/, in between an awful cold I’ve been struggling to handle it, and some issues I got myself into it, this past weeks have been a tiny intense to put it in a way. But I have learned to dance under the rain and I walk by faith so everything is alright!!

Anyways before my unwanted rainy days, (figuratively speaking) I have planned to take you to Brooklyn with me! (still figuratively speaking, I’m still in a tied budget other wise I might have invite yo guys ;) hehe)  So I had prepare this post but I couldn’t publish at that moment so here it is!

Some weeks ago one of my best friends came back to New York after visiting her family in Spain, and of course in a girls world two months is a lot, I mean a lot to catch up, so we decided not to wait any longer and get into business lol

Since she is now a proudly resident of Brooklyn one of the five New York City boroughs we decided to met there for some delish brunch to do the required catching up… ;), Brooklyn has this relaxing vibe, things and places tend to be bigger than in Manhattan and probably less expensive depending on the area, even the people has a different vibe, it might be my perception but usually that’s how I feel, so I arrived to Atlantic – Barclays subway station ready to explore and have a fun day!

Iphone 168

As you can see for my lack of post about it, I don’t go to Brooklyn that often, not by choice though, it’s just that I usually hang out around my neighborhood, and in the last few months I don’t actually go out that much anymore, but anyways, I hadn’t seen The Barclays Center since it was built, I know…. shame on me, I think Jay-Z would be very disappointed… lol.

Let me tell you is very impressive, the mirrors sometimes gave you this kind of real weird reflection like if you were editing using an Instagram filter, you can see it in one of the pictures,  so weird but very interesting and of course very nice.

Iphone 170    Iphone 174  Iphone 176

After meeting there we head it to Greenpoint some blocks away, we walked and enjoyed the neighborhood, is an upbeat and multicultural one, with a very relax atmosphere, a lot of tree line houses and apartment buildings all with the same brick color, beautiful!

Iphone 179 Iphone 178

Pati had gone to this Mediterranean restaurant before, so she wanted me to try it. I said yeah Mediterranean food, what can be wrong about that? ;), the restaurant was so cozy, and friendly, you can eat outside or inside, it wasn’t that cold and it was sunny that day but we decided to eat inside, the place have this warm and comfy atmosphere.

Iphone 180 Iphone 182 Iphone 183

pat y yoIphone 184  Iphone 186

Did you see the pillow shams, they look so comfy! Ook moving on to the food, it was time to dig in… I had eaten something before heading there, buuu… big mistake, because I wasn’t that hungry for a full brunch plate, so we decided to share what they call Tapas.

First we ordered an Spanish ‘Pitza’ made with pita, quince paste, Manchego cheese, toasted garlic, crushed red pepper, it wasn’t your regular pizza, it was crusty, the paste felt like it was some sort of jam, it was salty, spicy and sweet at the same time,  which was really good! On top they put the toasted garlic, it was delicious!!

We also had  the Patatas Bravas, cubed fried potatoes with harissa aioli, very spicy for me, but I might not be a good judge on that area, black pepper is spicy in my book lol, but I liked it though, the topping was very creamy, again all was so delish!

Iphone 187  Iphone 189 Iphone 192

We weren’t that hungry but since we ordered tapas and we were sharing, everything was really good but in small portions, we felt like we could add something else, so we ordered this ricotta or feta cheese with pesto and garlic, I don’t remember the name, and I don’t see it in their online menu, but it was sooo good, they served it with grilled whole wheat pita bread, yummy!

Iphone 193

We enjoyed the food and caught up with our lovely sometimes chaotic lives!

The place made it all more personal and warm, I liked the details, like the mirrors in the walls, the flowers that added colors, a very simple but  cozy decoration, it was very nice. And I think at night it might be very romantic… ;)

Iphone 194 Iphone 198 Iphone 199 I love the lamps, a very simple, lay back and home like lighting.

Iphone 203  Iphone 205

It was all delicious, we had a good time there!

Then it was time explore and burn some of the calories and perhaps a time for a coffee and a desert after a good meal. So that’s what we did, we walk around the neighborhood, and we find this nice and again cozy coffee place, I love this type of places, they have this warm feeling that make you feel so comfortable and so relax.

Iphone 206 I found another red door, I love how they look in the brownstone buildings… They kind of stand out.

Iphone 208

The décor of the coffee place was so unique, I liked the menus in wallboards. I had a normal chamomile tea and Pati got a mocha coffee I think…

Iphone 210 Iphone 211 Iphone 213

How cool is that, chairs in the walls lol…

Iphone 214

Iphone 207

We walk back, more brick houses, we had a great afternoon, walking around, talking about our current life status and what the future might bring to us, which we hope will be only  great things, because the best it’s yet to come, so let’s keep walking by faith!

I’m very thankful for my friends, for the people who I have met in New York, it has expanded my world view and I am happy to be surrounded with lovely, nice and warm people!

I hope you enjoy this post, it’s my first restaurant post, oiii… The restaurant name is OLEA in Brooklyn, this is not a review, I am just sharing my experience which was a good and delicious one!! I don’t even remember the name of the coffee place, but it’s in the neighborhood and it was nice too hehe.

If you want you can check online and find reviews of the restaurant if you want to know what other people think about it.

Thanks for reading, let’s keep exploring and enjoying life! Have a warm and full of blessing week!! And you are always welcome to leave a comment :)


Pictures are mine. ©. Yeah for better or worst, haha some of them are kind of blur, I blame my iPhone, not my skills. ;)

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