Out of Hibernation… #FlashBackFriday!!!

New Year in May?…

word cloud for year 2015

I know I know is almost half of the year but I like to think that each day is a new beginning and if you want a new chance to start all over again, why not? if you feel like it, well you can do it!… I’m not starting a new year, I’m very immerse in mine its been a bit hectic and crazy but I like to think that in a good way, we are going places my friends!!… I’m still in a transition mode but slowly seeing the light not at the end of the tunnel, my light is more at the beginning of a new and exciting adventure, like the light that comes every morning during sunrise. So yes everyday is a new chance a new beginning or a new continue, still walking by faith which means that the best is yet to come! #Keepingitpositive!!

Anyway is May first wohooo!! and like a Bear I am out of my “courage is my name” blog hibernation, because if you have follow my other blog “Sports In High Heels“, you already know that I have made some appearances there but this is my first post of 2015 in this blog, which is the perfect time…. We all know that time is uncontrollable, we can only embrace it and accept that sometimes life has perfect timing… I guess.

Iphone 058 2

Anyhow is Friday so I thought what better way to start this year that by doing a #FlashBackFriday… you probably said what???… I feel like I didn’t finish my last year attempt to show you Christmas in New York, it was a good goal and fun plan but I couldn’t executed as I wanted, hey I’m not complaining I had the best distraction or interruption of all, my Mom came to visit, she was my best christmas gift since I had more than four years without spending any holiday with her. I was more than glad to stop my #ChristmasSelfie mission, maybe next year I will do it in a better way…

It was a tough winter I know that some places got more snow that what we got here but from a person born and raised in a tropical weather, this was incredible freezing!!! Going out became more a mission than a normal activity, so imagine, my mother a woman that gets cold when the fan is on in a tropical weather, yes, it was awful for her, we barely went outside because it was painful for her, she would get all red, and itchy and her face will get red, but she was happy to be here for the holidays!!

So we didn’t go out hence the no more Christmas selfies around the city situation, but we managed to go to a few places, so I will close my #ChristmasSelfie adventures with some pictures.

Let’s start in a place that is well-known for many tourists and people who live here, Macy’s, I showed you the windows in a previous post, but I told you that the best time to really appreciate them is during night-time.

Iphone 047

Since my Mama was here you will see some of her #ChirstmasSelfies… A few Macy’s windows displays at night.

Iphone 093 Iphone 095

Next we bundled up and went to one of the most traditional and overcrowded places during the season, Rockefeller Plaza!!… Love the lights around that area though.

Iphone 148

On our way we stopped in another traditional and iconic place, Radio City Music Hall, the whole area gets all pretty every year, that day I guess they forgot to turn the tree on ;/ … but we still enjoy all the lights and decorations.

Iphone 151

Iphone 152

Haa… My #ChristmasSelfie with the tutu train…

Iphone 154 2

Iphone 157

One more…. -I don’t like my hat, but as it happens every winter I lost all my other ones so I got stuck with the only warm but not good-looking hat- Thank you winter!!

Iphone 158 2

Iphone 160

Moving on… we made it to the famous Rockefeller Plaza’s big Christmas Tree;

Iphone 161 Iphone 162

As you can see the place was packed… but its worthy in my humble opinion, it’s beautiful, is an experience…

Iphone 164 Iphone 173

Can you see my mom in the picture below? hahaha…. incognito!

Iphone 174 Iphone 177 Iphone 178 Iphone 179 Iphone 180

Pretty pretty!! Since we were in the neighborhood we went to see the other famous Christmas window display at Saks Fifth Avenue store; they always have this video display in the building, it’s a kind of short story but it’s very nice.

Iphone 183 Iphone 185

Iphone 187 Iphone 188 Iphone 189 Iphone 190

After watching the video, we crossed the street and went to admirer the beautiful windows displays, this are different that the Macy’s windows, this are more eccentric to use a word..

Iphone 191 Iphone 192 Iphone 193 Iphone 194 Iphone 195 Iphone 196

Unfortunately or fortunately consider how long this post turned out, I ran out of battery so I couldn’t take more pictures, but I think this can give you a close look or idea.

If you have been here and watched all this decoration let me know what do you think, which one you like the most? or the best?

Thank you so much for making it to the end of this post, I won’t take it personal if you only checked the pictures ;)

I hope you enjoy my poor attempt to show you Christmas in New York City… I did enjoy it while it last it, so let’s see if I can come up with another idea to show you New York in another seasons, let me know if you will like to see that? or if you have a special request about New York?

I cannot finish this post or my Christmas season adventures without showing you my Christmas tree… Finally after four years, we had a small but beautiful Christmas tree with a nativity made in my country… all was size appropriate,  I loved it! Having my mom here and having my lights felt a lot like home, like that home that is part of my memories!!

Iphone 044

Iphone 075

Christmas in May?… Why not, it’s never too early, isn’t it??… maybe it is too early, so let’s leave it in a #FlashBackFriday!!

Thank you for reading!! Any comment let me know here or on twitter @MonikJHerrera, you can find me there too!

All pictures are mine ©.. except for the New Year’s. 

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New York… #ChristmasSelfie… Santa’s Reindeer?!

 Iphone 077

I completely lost counts of the days, but I’m still enjoying this, so at this point I’ll forget about the days and just show you the places. ;)

This time is a place that screams Christmas, it’s another classic New York City, where almost everything is about the season, if you want to feel the spirit, this is one of those places with lot’s of it!

So here is my #ChirtsmasSelfie at Bryant Park!

Iphone 094

What I like about Bryant park is that they not only decorate but also they have other fun things to do while you are there, you will find another of those markets, with nice and fun stuff to buy, if you want to cross things from your Christmas shopping list, there is an option, or just to buy things for you.

   Iphone 081 Iphone 085

 If you walk around the park and the shops, there are areas where you can relax and as they put it to warm up with a drink or just eat something, let me tell you the smells coming from the little food places are just amazing and some of them very traditional of the season.

Iphone 082   Iphone 087

What people love about the park and the reason that it is so famous around the season is their skating ring, the colors the use to illuminate and of course the gorgeous Christmas tree make it so beautiful, so colorful and surrounded by the concrete jungle of buildings that are so New York!

Iphone 080    Iphone 089 Iphone 103 Iphone 104 Iphone 101 Iphone 102 Iphone 107 Iphone 105

It gets crowed, and for some people a bit on the pricy side, but fun nonetheless, and the atmosphere is great too… Although if you are like me, I have never put one foot in any skating ring, ice or without ice, I’ve never leaned and I think I am not going to, at this stage of my life, I have a so much need and appreciation of my teeth ;), but no worries there are some fun things to do, like walk around the park, look at other people skating although try not to laugh or look creepy hehe…

Iphone 088 Iphone 089 Iphone 092

This year you can personally ask Santa what you want for Christmas I assume because I found his corner, although at the time I went there was no Santa…

Iphone 116

The great news is that I had the chance to fulfill my real call in life, forget journalism, this is the real deal!! I got to be Santa’s reindeer!! What else can I ask in life??? ;)

Iphone 122Bryant Park is definitely a nice, fun and very Christmassy place, I love the park during other seasons, but this days is just something else!

For some is a bit crowed and pricy, but is an option among others around the city during the season, for me is a nice place to enjoy the city during the holidays, you don’t have to spend money if you don’t want or are in a limited budget (my club!.. ) but hey the view, the atmosphere and the good momenst are free!

Around the park, there are some building with some decorations and Christmas lights too, that also adds to the whole experience.

Iphone 132 Iphone 139

Iphone 078

I got an early Christmas present, my mom is coming for the holidays!! Yay!!!!… I am so excited and happy and I have dedicated this time to organized everything, I’ll share that in another post but that’s why I slowed down a bit with the Christmas selfies posts, although the only thing that will change is that I will keep posting during and after Christmas day instead of stopping on Christmas day, I still have some places to go :)

I hope you like it, let me know any comment here or on my twitter as usual @MonikJHerrera

Pictures are mine© … for better or worst hehe.

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Day five… NYC #ChritsmasSelfie!!… And Christmas dancing?!

Iphone 004

One place where you will find lots of Christmas and shopping spirit is at Macy’s, their windows are famous and a spectacle! This post is a bit like a teaser, because it was daylight, and the best time to really appreciate all the art display in the windows is at night.

Iphone 005 Iphone 006

Here is today’s NYC #ChritsmasSelfie of the day at Macy’s Windows!

Iphone 007

I guess I really like my black coats… Although today I went for a warmer scarf, it was too cold for my tropical blood. I have the feeling that I need to vary my hats ;0. Maybe I was too close to Macy’s and the shopping spirit got to me?… Noo! ;)

I will go back so we can see how they look at night too.

Iphone 008

Iphone 013 Nonetheless even during the day, they are beautiful, like a magic world inside a window.

Iphone 014

Iphone 010

The good thing during the day is that around the city you might find The Salvation Army people, and some of them put quite a show to entertain and get attention to their cause! This is a classic NYC thing and you know is Christmas season when you see them and is a plus when they display all their talents, usually by dancing!

I leave you with their short but nice and entertaining video.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy it, feel free to leave a comment or if you want you can do it on my twitter; @MonikJHerrera

Pictures are all mine © ;)!

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Day third or fourth…. New York #ChristmasSelfie!!…

Iphone 017

I went to Lincoln Center as part of the NYC Christmas selfies series I started to do last post which by the way counted for two selfies…. Ha!

Anyhow to my surprise there were not that many Christmas decorations in Lincoln Center, for some reason I had the idea that they used to decorate but well, it’s a cultural place and I think they only decorate on specific occasions relate with expositions or cultural themes.

Still is a beautiful building, if you cross the street you will find the sign that indeed we are in Christmas season, so here is my third #ChristmasSelfie at Lincoln Center square!

photo (5)

It was a lonely but beautiful Christmas tree, it was raining, as you can see I am fighting all-weather conditions, this is how committed I am with this task…. actually it was a light rain ;)  Iphone 019   Iphone 029 Iphone 030

A few steps away from the square, you will see some trees with lights on, the ABC TV network is there in the neighborhood so they might be the ones in charge of  the decorations but nonetheless it looks beautiful and very Christmassy, if you want to shop there are a bunch of stores including the famous discount store Century 21, so there you have a few options to do while walking around there.

Iphone 033    Iphone 037 Iphone 039 Iphone 040

I hope you like it!… More places to come!!

Thanks for reading and stopping by,  if you have any comment feel free to leave it in the comment area or on my twitter @MonikJHerrera!

Pictures are mine, this time I am blaming the rain for the quality of some of them ;)


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Christmas + Selfie = 12 days of #ChristmasSelfie!!… It’s all about NYC!

Iphone 372

Today on Instagram is #SelfieSunday, I really don’t know if people are still using it… I’ve used the hashtag once I think, but as you might have notice I kind of like to include the whole Twitter and Instagram lingo in my blogs. I mentioned in my previous post about showing you how Christmassy the City gets during the holiday season, and I thought instead of doing a long post I would do a series of posts, so that’s how 12 days of Christmas Selfies starts!

What is that? you might ask, I will show you the City decorations with a daily selfie (I will try very hard to do it every day…) starting today until Christmas day, But wait, don’t think I am full of myself… ha… on the contrary I’m just trying to be brave and have fun with this NYC Christmas series. It wont be only my selfie I will include a couple of more pictures, so you can actually see the decorations, but a selfi must be part of the post, that’s my kind of challenge thing or my way of having fun with it. ;)

So here is the first Christmas Selfie!.. At Columbus Circle ;)

Iphone 377

I’ll be honest, is not the most decorated place, but they have the Time Warner Center building with a few but cute blue lights, and inside the building you will find some big Christmas ornaments…

Iphone 373 Iphone 374

Across the building there is an entrance to Central Park that during the season becomes a Christmas street market, and those are really cute, you find some interesting and very creative thing such as ornaments, clothes, paints and other fun products!

Iphone 379  Iphone 382

Iphone 381 Iphone 387 As you can see the market is decorated with lights and Christmas colors!!

Iphone 386 Iphone 388

I’m not that much into the Christmas shopping thing lately but I like this type of markets there a few around the city… I will show you others later.

So what do you think about Columbus Circle?… I really like it, not many lights but what they have might put you in the season mood, some of the streets or building around have some lights on, which add to the experience.

Iphone 389 Iphone 390Thank for reading!! I hope you like this NYC Christmas series, let me know in the comments ot if you want to see a specific place you can leave the request. You can also comment or ask me on Twitter; @MonikJHerrera.

Today it felt like I went to two places so I guess this counts as a second #ChristmasSelfie, at the market, kind of hard to see… and I look kind of tired ;0

Iphone 384

Again, Thanks for reading and stopping by!

All pictures are mine ©,  I am the only one to blame, Ha!! Sorry for the quality of some of the pictures, I took them with my phone, I’ll try to improve the quality… It was cold outside  maybe that’s why I moved my hand so much ;0…

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‘Tis the season!… It’s Christmas time!


Today I was watching the movie Miracle on 34th St, every time I enjoyed it so much, which is not a surprise consider how much I love Christmas, I have said it countless times but it is one if not my favorite season of the year or favorite holiday, maybe Easter might top it because of what it means for me and my faith, but Christmas is for me a beautiful, hopeful and happy season, even during struggles, the lights, Christmas trees, decorations and the environment can change my mood.


Some of the best memories from my house back in my country are those moments sitting in front of my Christmas tree, with the lights on and just the feeling and a sense of peace and a profound certainty that things were going to be alright that everything would work out no matter the challenges I was facing, a feeling that I could dream big without fear of any obstacle. Why I was able to have all those thought in front of a fake tree I don’t know but I’m guessing it wasn’t only the tree, but also the place where the tree was, my house, surrounded with my family the people who love me the most, I guess the tree was just a symbol of everything!


I guess is that time of the year when I become a crazy cheesy Christmas obsessed person. Ha!… The best part is that I love it no matter what, I went through a Grinch period in my life so now I really embrace it all,  life is tough enough  and I love finding the moments in every day, week, month and year that can give me hope for a better me, a better community and a better world overall.

Aside from movies, I also like Christmas songs,  food, city decorations.. etc. I was actually thinking about making a Christmas in NY type of post, the city gets all Christmassy for the season so I thought it would be fun  to show you a bit of those traditional NYC Christmas places and maybe the not so traditional or touristic, but do it not only in one post but through a series of post, could be fun…

What do you think?…  Christmas has taken over my blog!! Do you want to build a snowman?… This is a giant one, in the middle of the city!

photo (4)

Thanks for reading and feel free to share any comments, suggestions or requests… Which one is your favorite holiday or season? you can leave a comment in the comment area or on my twitter; @MonikJHerrera.

Let’s enjoy the season…


 Pictures from Pinterest and the giant snowman is from my Instagram @MonicaJHerrera.

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