Let´s Meet.. a little about me..

Hello there!! 


Let me share a little bit about me,  Sorry for my English is not that good, my apologies in advance, bear with me, I´m writing in English as I think this would keep me in the behind scene hahaha and it will be a practice for improvement, but I hope that I can make myself understandable. I am living in a small, but nice country in Central America, El Salvador,  the people here are very nice, warm and humble at least most of them, very interesting because it is a small country, but it hasn’t prevent me of having big thoughts, or  set my goals high. 

But I know that there are not limits when you really believe, even though realistically sometimes that is the hardest part, believe that you could achieve them, but anyway let´s see what happens, and hope for the best! 

I´ve been having this “crazy idea” for many people, but for me it’s seems a natural decision, a Career changing, :O Why now?? 

I have a degree in business, but recently I am considering  to  pursue a dream that I have always had to  become a sport journalism,  crazy I know, but I´m still figuring out  how to do it, once in a while I´ve been wondering if  this was  like when I used to watched ER and wanted to become a doctor, or if it is really something that I would like to do. Well the result  is always the same, this is something that I feel passionate about it.  My goal is to tell the stories, be at the  sport events, small ones, big ones, important ones and not so important, it does not matter, the key is to be there, so as you can imagine, I enjoy sports not all of them, but I love football soccer, tennis and I played many years basketball so I understand it and also like it, I wanted to play during my last school days volleyball so I kind of like it too, making it short I like most of sport, and recently I have thought about how to get involved as a journalist for real,  why now that is the million  dollar question… well because I guess is the right time!..

Ok before thinking about journalism, I´ve had a very good career not precisely in the sport industry that would be my target, but my lack of experience in the sport marketing field is preventing me from that,  but now I´ve been thinking in making that journalism dream a reality, I know that is not an ER case, I believe that is a passion that I have alway had, and I think now is the time!… Career changing  wow how??… I guess what I really need is a professional career support hahaha… I will search for a free one online, I can´t afford a pay one,  the crisis..  

 Let me recap, I have had a very good professional career.. Finding my first job wasn’t difficult, the second one very smooth too, but turned up to be a bad decision, well it was a learning process painful at times, but a learning somehow, then it was a way up path…  I have tested myself and I really think that we can do anything if we put our mind into it, sometimes I didn’t put it all and I was just a normal worker not an excellent one, but then I fought hard to be at the top, sometime I made it some others I  was very close,  I think as human all of us wants to succeed and be the best  that we can, that  is why I think the sports and competitions exist as either you want to be the best as athlete or  we want them to compete and be the best because we are  following them… too much philosophy, the truth is we just want to have fun and to have an excuse to get together and party :)

I have read other blogs before and most of them start with an explanation what the blog is intended to…. Sorry to disappoint, I think this is a fun experience! even if no one read it. Although I might not be alone in this blog world thank God!

 Some pictures of my country, we have the coast very close to our cities so we love them! 


:) love it  

Thanks to Weit for the believe  picture.


About Monica

I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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