The crisis; a chance to grow :)


Hola! : )

 Things have become very difficult, let me tell you, probably you already know, this crisis… when is going to end????.. I am working in a small company kind of family thing,  not many incomes, but at least it’s a good experience and I am developing my entrepreneurial side.  Anyway I´m tire of this crisis, as it would matter… I resigned from my previous job as part of the idea to follow my dreams..  is a long story… I don’t have regrets of my resignation as I considered it correctly and in a proper time, as I´m not getting any younger  either I go for it now or never,  and I think this is the right time, I believe that everything that I have  lived and happened were for a reason, and all that is going on now is my call to find something that I really enjoy and love.

 I´m still waiting to find the reason of this long searching hahaha..  I don’t complain I´m realizing that this small thing may not be as small I thought it, also I wouldn’t have had the chance to live so many things bad and good during the past months! I think this is the time to grow and find the creativity, once I read that best things or the best ideas happen during crisis time, so I see this as an opportunity to find new things, accomplish goals and re-create life!

I went to New York.. yes I wasn’t making  much incomes, but let me tell you, months of fixing the new gig, a car and credit cards debts, seriously… my brain needed some time apart and some experiences outside … a stressful life at that point, I thought that could be a good idea to deal with the stress in another country, it was going to be like a change of winds.. It turn out more like a change of hurricanes, but it was a great experience overall as I face many fears and overcome my own limits!!  I said it before I´m counting only the wins.

I don’t have the contact as you know in so many countries a lot of things works out depending on who you know, anyways I will say it´s kind of made me proud to know that everything I have done in my career  I have done it only with my effort!  But during this crisis times I wouldn’t mind having a contact that will help with our project… hahaha.  But at the end I think this is only a preparation time for the good things that are coming… basic idea stay positive so positive things will happen.. I´m committed to be positive and active now.

Thank God I´m willing to keep going!

Pictures from Weit and Tbmlr thanks


About Monica

I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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