Football soccer and handsome men ;)

soccer barbie 2Lest´s talk about Sport!

A Favorite subject that I really love,  some people say that is weird as I am a woman and most of the time women don’t have any clue about any sports, but I’m probably some kind of exception to the rule, and I think each day there are more exceptions like me.. although I do think that still a lot of women don’t like, don’t care and don’t want to know about sports.

As I mentioned in a previous post I love almost all of them,  but Soccer as it’s called in the USA is one of my favorite, I love it even though I have never play it, I’m useless, I  tried it as a fun experience with some friends once, but I suck at it, I am really bad…

 Anyway, I remember coming back from New York in August  and we were very bumped off as our national team we called it ¨La Selecta¨was eliminated from the world cup classifications  :( very  sad although I think this one was the closer chance that we have had in so many years, to be able at least to have a real chance, but who knows now I think with this great performance, we might get a chance for 2014, it seems so far away, four years… but life goes flying, it’s crazy and scary at the same time. So we didn’t make it, but if the team keeps working we can at least dream to have som kind of hope…

"Children from the Toba Qom Ethnic Group Play Soccer During Indegenous Indian Day Celebration" Photographic PrintThe World Cup is one of the biggest even in the football world and a dream for me to be there one day! I will do it, I will accomplish it, I know.. when.. well that would be another story, I will love to get there by this coming year, but that is just six month from now.. who knows I do believe in miracles so let´s hope that I will find a way to get there!

How come that I like and understand soccer that is a childhood story… I would have to thanks my Dad, who has like the game forever as probably 90% of the male population in my country, but he was also a player, so I grew watching him playing during weekends and I started to follow the game without even undertanding it, I just grew up with it and has been part of my life since I have memory!.. Anyhow I do understand the sport and I started to get more involved during the 1990 World Cup, that was my firts world cup with full undertanding and knowlegde of the game, but I have to confess I also started to followed the game  for the most womanly and superficial reason; the players are Hot!!  (Hey don’t judge me, in my defense I was getting into full puberty hahaha) yes they are athletes and they have perfect bodies, but that was just an eye catcher the rest of it was and admiration for the sport and for the abilities of those handsome players!!

It is incredible how in many countries this sport is kind of a religion thing, it’s a hug deal around the world, in my country  is  big too, the problem for us is that we are not that good, but that doesn’t mean that almost every kid, young and adult men or more recently women will play it during their weekends or during weekdays… But I think in countries like Brasil, Argentina, Spain, Italy and other Latin and European countries it really is a big deal. And the players have become more than celebrities… something to thank as that allows us to see them modeling or just promoting some sport brands… I could mention a couple of them, but I just going to show you… gorgeous and talented men!

God bless the sports and the athletes!

Pictures from Weit, and Barbie, El,, Kickette. Thanks : )


About Monica

I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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