Let´s Keep talking sport and hadsome men!

Let´s continue..

This is like a sequel, soccer part II… did I say handsome men!! yeah right? probably an obvious thing, but don’t get confuse, that is not the reason that I follow football soccer, it  was my eye catcher, during 1990 World cup I found Fernando Redondo a handsome very attractive player from the Argentinan national team, at least it was for me… -a side note I do think that Argentinians guys are very attractive I don´t know why, could be their food, weather, who knows, LOL. side note closed.-

Yes he has been my first platonic crush… besides the obvious thing meaning hotness and body perfection! He was a really good player in his position, of course I found that later on during the tournament, but anyway he was gorgeous, and talented, see my point. Since then I decided to follow him and I became his fan, well more likely her long distance kind of groupie, and those were difficult times as the internet wasn’t what it is now at least in my country, so follow him was a hard task, I have to thank the cable company for having some channels from Spain as he went and signed for Real Madrid Club, so following him became a more visual entertainment, as consequence I’m a new follower, fan, hincha, forofa wherever you want to called  it, of the Spanish League “La Liga”, yes up to-day I find it one if not the best European football league, very close to them are the English premier league and the Italian Calcio.. the rest  a little behind, but good too imho.

I have realized that I have this tendency to cheer for the difficult ones,  yes the Real Madrid had an amazing winning history, and some of us has been able during this past 10 years to witness in the distance some of those wins,  but they never came in an easy way, and more recently it has been a more difficult time for their fans to remain as  die hard fans, as they have been poorly in they performance, but at the end I think this tendency is part of a lifestyle like mine haha, I like the excitement and the rollercoaster feeling of not knowing what is going to happen in a competition or in a game… they might be winning, but they could ended up losing it, as example one of their recent humiliating loses against a 2 B team with all respect meaning an inferior team (clasification wise). 

So yes I do like the excitement  although I don’t think my heart and body appreciate that lol.. you will see later on that is a tendency in other sports! Could be so easy to be a fan of I don’t know perhaps Roger Federe in his winner stage, or Barcelona team they have won so many things lately (everything in one season)… although this are stages and most athletes or teams have to go through ups and downs, some of them more than others…but at the end I´m the one that goes for the rollercoaster! That is the fun part!!  :/don’t you think?

Images from futbolvintage.com, elindigando.com


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I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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