Merry Christmas!!! and a Blessing time for everyone!

Have yourself a merry little Christmas, Let your heart be light
From now on, our troubles will be out of sight.

Yes is Christmas!!!  I’m so exited as this is an incredible time, I love this season… I mentioned before hahaha that  shows how much I do love it, it’s such a great feeling, I know it should be like this for all year, but I think we all live in seasons stages and our lives work that way, so let’s enjoy this time.

For us (my country) our tradition is slightly different from others as we kind of celebrate the awaiting of the birth of Jesus, the 24th is the day that we prepare big meals mostly turkey or chicken depending on taste or budget .. anyway that is the main dish and then you can add basically anything you want, rice, salad, you can make kind of sandwiches, anyway you want it’s ok, and in most families we get together and have a lovely dinner, and we wait until 12 o’clock and we hug each other as a celebration of the baby Jesus birth, and is very common in our culture that celebration = party hahaha so is very common that you will hear in a lot of houses music and perhaps some people hitting the dance floor with some moves.

As in a lot of parties in order to get to perform some dance move people may need some additional beverages… to lose them up and find their inner dancers  so also wines, beers and alcohol beverage are common during this time, ok not everyone is having a religious christmas.


Another cultural thing is fireworks yes, I know that it might sound very dangerous and since a couple of years ago it has become more a safety issue than a fun experience even to the point when some people has requested to the government to control it or to prohibit them, I could say that I have some divided opinions here, as I grew up using and burning fireworks, I used to have some much fun, and then it actually becomes a sign of maturity hahaha when you lost the excitement to play with fireworks that meant that you have grown,  weird, I know, but it is real. So I grew up listened the fireworks noise at 12 o’clock it was crazy you barely could hear your thoughts due to the intense  sound as every house will be burning theirs, we used to play during next days as we probably  had some leftover, so I think it is was a great custom, and it was so much fun, but on the other hand I do understand that nowadays it has become more  a safety issue, I think that the new fireworks are more powerful and the damage that can causes now are more significant, some kids have  damaged their hands with irremediable injures, so I do think that definitely the times are not the same nether the people because I may say that I do belive that this also happen because of bad parent control over the fireworks and their children, sometimes  you could see that they are so involved in their parties that they don’t pay enough attention to what their kids are doing… and of course sometimes you cannot control couriose kids or other circunstances that could cause the accidents.

I would say that  the fireworks is a custom that is dying every year, probably for the best I guess, I think is not just the security issues, but also the economy, it is incredible how you can see the impact of the family economy in this little thing, yes the fireworks are more expensive now, and the way things are  right now, people want to buy other things or just saved the money.

I wast recently talking about this during Christmas day. We were remembering that you weren’t a normal kid if you haven’t been burned at one point by a small fireworks, but during my childhood times, if you get burned it was because you made  mistakes and the consequence were a pain in your hand or something like that, but it was not  anything that could affect your life, at the end the hardest part was that the incident may have damaged your Christmas party or your new year celebration, probably your ego was burst too, but you could live with that hahaha… it’s always nice to remember  old times, childhood experiences and fun days.

Let me share some Christmas pictures and some pictures of the after opening presents.. this year my baby nephew was the one that enjoyed the gifts… this is another custom that due the finance circumstance has lost a lot of good memories.. I barely received a present hahah just one or two :) I hope next year will be better!

What I really wanted for this Christmas beside the usual thing like going to church or turky at dinner, the thing that I love during Christmas day,  is to seat in my living room in front of my tree and drink some hot chocolate (chocolate soymilk) made some rice sweet cookies and enjoy the time, but I couldn’t do that,  I think I didn’t have the time to bake the cookies and the chocolate milk I drank it cold instead of hot … :S …I did a bad day planning .. I still have new year day to do my desire ritual, I will use it to receive the new year and to receive all the blessing!!! High hopes and optimism…

Note: I just found out that the fireworks causes an incredible damage to the environment… but I also confirmed based on the past holidays that definitely this custom is going away… so it is for the best… we need to take a better care of our planet!

Pictures thanks to weit.


About Monica

I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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