Television! what to watch?


Right now I’m not that much into the television frenzy as I would like to say that sometimes is frustrating, yes I have enough channels, but it’s ridiculous  how sometimes you cannot find a good or decent show, movie or series, anyway I´m still enjoying a couple of TVshows.

I´m glee-less so sad I have found that series so entertaining that I don’t know how I will survive without it until April when they will be back with the rest of the season, I wasn’t that interested before as I thought how a musical serie could work, I thought it was going to be boring, and turn out that I was wrong, thank God! as I really like it. I think I´m not alone on this, the show have become very popular, and the songs are the ones of the most downloaed in itunes,  in blogs, twitt pages or forums other people are very much gleeks and are suffering from this waiting. Hope the rest of the season will be so good as this one.!

Meanwhile to be able to survive during this time I have devoted myself to  look for other entertaining options, I was thinking the other day on how I used to love the show The Apprentice the US version with Donal Trump, especially the first season and gladly now you almost can find everything in the web I did find the first season episodes in Youtube.. so this is my new best deal a re-run of the show… and it´s great, even now like three or four years later is still funny and I´m cheering for the same contestants hahaha.. my favorite was Bill (the winner) I remember thinking during the final; I have good business eye as I always thought that he was the best one, along with Amy but she did blew it up in the interview episode so Bill had to be the chosen one, and he is very handsome that is a plus,  Amy she was the last woman standing so I was cheering for her as well in support to the women. Great Show! I’m still on episode five of my re-run session I have nine more episodes to go!!

I like reality TV I have to admit it… shame on me hahaha, but it used to be worse I used to watch like almost every type of reality TV, but now I have become more selective … I hope so.., why I like it?.. simple, sometimes those shows are so surreal that you could say reality my a… or something like that, is not reality and I think that is why I used to enjoy it, they take you out the normal world to their craziness,  MTV was an everyday network for me… I have to agree with the ones that says that  now has more shows than music.. and thank God that I didn´t have in my cable some American channels that show more reality TV or I would have needed additional hours during the day… :O…but now I´m more into the web and the internet options… I think I need a  more productive activity for my spare time…:-S and I am not telling my sport addition! (oh oh oh)

I know I´m not along in this, right? Which is your favorite show on TV? : )

Pictures thanks to Weit, nbc and blogs mtvla.


About Monica

I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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