Bye Bye 2009… Time for New Year Resolutions!!

Hello there! 2009 is banishing, in just a couple of hours it will be over  and we will be starting a new exciting Year!!  I hope that 2010 will be full of blessing, success and love, I heard some days ago in a conference that a friend lent me, the speaker asked the question of how many of the audience had accomplished their 2009 goals? And I though at that moment, I think I did accomplish some of them, but then I remember that I wasn´t sure as this year I didn’t specify many of those goals, I had a specific one, how to find my dream JOB and in some ways that one overshadowed the reality that a year is a long time and that I still could have done so many things, so I do realized that I did accomplish many goals, but a lot of them I hadn´t thought about it before, that is good, but that also shows that I was going throughout this year without any clear direction…  ups…


The speaker also asked how many of the people had written their goals and he mentioned that is very important to write them down, when you put them on a paper is when they start to become a reality in some level  at least in some intellectual or unconscious level. I used to write my desire goals for new year, I have done that during the past years and I do agree that writing them down have worked for me before, I have accomplished a lot of them, I could say most of them at some point, probably not in the time expected, but at the end the accomplishment still represent a huge result for me. So as I didn´t create the list last nye, due to my idea of experience the holidays in Los Angeles California (I was in a very different circumstance that trip was well deserved holiday vacation!) so I´m committed these days to actually create my 2010 goals list. Although for me the list becomes more  goal, dreams, desires to accomplish, I even have thought about a structure to do my list!

I will share some of this planning later as some of them include or have a relation with this Blog!

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About Monica

I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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