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Sales… Sales.. Sales..

Hello So let’s start… I was in a Sales mode before I was interrupted by my internet connection, I have been so well behave, I was already cleared that this sales season I was only going to give moral support and somehow fashion supervision if … Continue reading

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I´m Back!!… I´m online again!!

Hello and Welcome Back!!! It has been so long since I said Hello to everyone…OMG I didn’t know how much I missed my blog until this online-less, tourtuous time… lol yes I’ve been away due to my incredible bad  internet … Continue reading

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Shopping therapy… Where??

Did I heard post Holiday sales? : ( Hola! Well either I win the lottery in the next few hours or this is going to be a harsh time… I´m exaggerating at the end is just  an end of the year sales, who … Continue reading

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Blog Makeover…

Hello there!♥ OMG I’ve been working in this blog and the images… its not as quick as I though, but I’m working on it.. I am checking my calendar and the Holidays are officially over sad! :( but we need to move … Continue reading

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Boring game… not so the players

Continuing, but re-directing the previous post to Hotness… … a slyly boring game,… yes who say that I needed to watch it right, nobody forces me, so get over it lol, well I’ve had said before that I like the rollercoaster feeling of not … Continue reading

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Bad game :( … tie score

Spanish League (Football Soccer) It´s frustrating when you look at an sport game and it goes in such a not wanted direction.. well that is what I just watched on my TV.. the Real Madrid team had an amazing opportunity to take … Continue reading

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