Bad game :( … tie score

Spanish League (Football Soccer)

It´s frustrating when you look at an sport game and it goes in such a not wanted direction.. well that is what I just watched on my TV.. the Real Madrid team had an amazing opportunity to take the leadership spot in the Spanish league and they couldn’t even make one goal to their rivals the Osasuna… the result was a tie 0-0, so sad as we don’t know when they will have another chance like this one, (I hope that sooner than expected) as the Barcelona team lost yesterday, with only three points ahead of them this was a chance to reach them and became the leaders … but as someone said it once “what didn´t happen never exited”.. ohhh:(

And is not just the lost, it was the game too because one thing is loosing playing well that happen in this sport, but another one is losing when you are playing poorly… I think some of the players were mentally still in their holiday vacation… well who blame them… I think most of the civilization is remaining in a holiday mood, dreaming that vacation time will last more days… so therefore I just witness a very boring game in most of its parts, definitely the first period was to forget,   if you may know a football soccer game is divided in two times periods of 45 minutes each, so the first 45  where so boring that I don’t even remember them.. although, was a good time to  catch up on some Facebook picture from friend and people I know, I think because of the updates done on Facebook, people haven’t checked their privacy, it’s allowing to see pictures even in some profiles that I’ve not been linked, so a quick recommendation double-check your accounts securities, as I think many of us just accepted the updates without paying attention to the privacy options in every part of our account.. that was just a heads up!

Walter Pandiani (Osasuna)

Back to the game, thank God the second part was better although I do have to say that Real Madrid  missed an incredible opportunity… too bad, as the time went by they couldn’t score any goal… is time to wait for next weekend to see what could happen, now with this result,  they will remain in second position and Barcelona will be in first place ahead of them by two points..

In another note, most European leagues are played between August and May or June depending on the country, so kind of from Agugust to December is like the first part, and second one will be from January to May when is over, I could say that  this second part of the Spanish league season could be so interesting as we will see how the coming World Cup would impact the players, you know some of them don´t take risks in order to not get injure and jeopardise their participation with  their respective national team… and others do the opposites as they might feel insecure to be selected to play for their national teams so they will put all their effort to impress their coaches and country, and that could definitely impact the  clubs league like the Spanish one… so exciting!

I forgot to mention one of my ultimate life goals is the World Cup not as a player hahaha as I explained you before I really suck at this specific sport! ;-)

Images from Real Madrid and Marca.


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I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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