Boring game… not so the players

Real Madrid Players

Continuing, but re-directing the previous post to Hotness…

… a slyly boring game,… yes who say that I needed to watch it right, nobody forces me, so get over it lol, well I’ve had said before that I like the rollercoaster feeling of not knowing if the course of the game will change, with one goal they could have changed the story and end result… but I am kind of getting used to it, Real Madrid is having this tendency, and apparently it will continue in this 2010, so  moving on…

I get some distracting comfort time watching or you may say checking some friend photos in my Facebook account which by the way is kind of dead… it´s totally my fault, see, the thing was that I was confused at the beginning on how Facebook worked I know is not a science thing , probably I didn´t put all the needed attention, so my friends are not used to receive my posts, comments or been followed by me, I will  keep trying to be active in there,  as I do believe it’s a good way of staying in contact with people you don’t see everyday, and also for networking purposes, but that could be another new year resolution.. some of my friends have  like 500 pictures and you can practically know their life due their many post and comments.. I don’t know how they are able to be so active, first I don’t think I could take that many pictures in a year nether to say I will post them but who knows this is a new year so will see…

Iker Casillas

Hotness=Footballers!! To put some calm to my boring Sunday afternoon I focused my attention to the players and  how good they looked… most of them at least, I know I have said it before the players bodies was an eye-catcher, but now is my distracting  activity hahaha… I do enjoy the sport and I am critical and overall I am a good football soccer follower, but this is an additional entertaining,  you know that in most countries  like the European ones they are celebrities and sometimes more famous than some “real” celebrities and a lot of them enjoy the attention and live up to that attention… do I have to say a name…

David Beckham is the best example I don’t blame the girls, he is handsome and so well dress, really a fashion and properly metro sexual men,  I didn’t like him before I found him too attractive and too fashionable, but  I have to confess I’m joining the club, he is hot and the famous footballer among the girls…

But he is not alone in the hotness department, and some of them I will say are really really fighting for that first position

I could mention a couple, but I think images can speak better, so I´ll share some with you… tomorrow, today  is too late and I´m planning to give a makeover to my blog… well, I want to include more photos and change my Christmas spirit theme as it´s practically over :(

Updated: Enjoy some photos

Images copyright from,Marca, Men´s Health,, Sport & Style and by Kickette.


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