Sales… Sales.. Sales..


So let’s start… I was in a Sales mode before I was interrupted by my internet connection, I have been so well behave, I was already cleared that this sales season I was only going to give moral support and somehow fashion supervision if there was a necessity, but turn out that despite my appropriated behave I have the blessing of having the most wonderful and loving family!!! My dear sister wanted to see my happy and shinning eye (that is what happen when I found a great product, clothes or shoe in a great  discount) I know I´m not the only one….;) so we were in this famous  and accessible store, where she bought me a wonderful coat (Yes I lived in a tropical weather country….you will know eventually the reason of this present)  it was with 40% off… in this store and during this season that means almost a 70% off lol!!

it is incredible how all sales happens when you are ether with no money, as the christmas season left you with empty pockets or also happens when you already bought them in normal price… I thinks this last option is the frustrating one and that could get you in a non happy mood… but I always said at least I enjoyed the time when I bought it…. what else can we do… :( well I´m talking for the ones that lives in countries like mine where you cannot return a product used or just because it’s later in discount… for the ones that could do that good for you and we are envious of your good customer experience…

I´ve realized that sales is a worldly word, everyone no matter where we are we understand that precious word! and of course most people take advantage of it.

Did anyone buy something during sales ?


About Monica

I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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