Buongiorno!! I´m in Rome Italy!!

Hello there!!

This mission to stay online  has been a little bit of mission impossible, not because the new internet company is not working it is because I´m not at home!!!!

Yes!! I’m in Rome Italy,  I cannot believe it and I still don´t know how this happens, well I another miracle for me, anyway  I mentioned before that my sister was so kind and precious to give me a nice confi coat, and since I live in a tropical weather it didn’t make sense, but the reality is that I’ve been cooking this idea of coming to Italy to spend some time and study the language, this is incredible even for me, don’t get me wrong but as I have mentioned you I’m not rich or even close to be  economically stable right now nether my family, but as I heard once beyond the clouds the sky is always blue (I heard this in an Argentina soap opera hahaha who say that I can not learn from television lol) so, I have this chance thanks to my family support, they consider this an opportunity and an investment… so I know we should be careful with the bank things but the plane ticket was in this incredible discount that this dream became a reality!!!

So I’m happy, very home and cultural sick yes, and I felt most of the time out-of-place as I do understand some ideas of italian language,  but just to ask some things is a difficult situation… but I guess this could be the best way to learn..

Why I decided to come.. well because sometimes it happens that you can explore how things can go in other places, I thought I would take the President Obama advice and take this time and try to study or learn other things, thank God I always found Angels that help me, I have a great friend in Italy that is helping me and also supporting me in this, I guess during this difficult time we have to get together and support ourselves to survive and try to find better chances…

I wanted to share this news since long time ago but due my internet crisis that was impossible, so I’m here!! the city is full of history and great monuments, I will share more images  in coming post..

The bad news is that  I still have a very bad connection as I’m using some kind of key and apparently the place I’m staying does not have a good reception, well that is my conclusion, anyhow  it has a life of it owns, it works only when she wants to work and them I have to prepare myself to be full of patient.

Did I say I’m going thru a home sick  face… I miss my house, my bed, my family, my weather ( I can’t believe I have said this) here is freezing and sometimes I don´t feel some parts of my body hahaha too Cold!!!  this is another post subject!!

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment??

I have the pictures but right now miss italian internet connection doesn’t want me to post them!! so I´ll do it later I hope so… just what I have committed to avoid… :(


About Monica

I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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