I saw Snow for the firts time… Snow!!! Fun and Frizzing!!


It’s incredible, I could say that I’m lucky as today it was snowing during the morning here in Rome, apparently it hasn’t snow in almost 17 years or so, figure this out… I was already getting use to the cold weather and now it was over the top… but  this time I’m not complaining as I have never seen snow so this was an incredible gift for me, in my country this will never happen and I hope so, otherwise we could die as we are not prepared for this, but when I went to NY it was during summer, so there wasn’t an option and visiting them during winter mm… I’m not sure yet, I’m still afraid to cold weather, so a morning of snow, was perfect!, of course now it’s frezzing but that is why we decided today to enjoy the day indoors so we could take pictures in the snow, and avoid the craziness of the streets… the bad side there were many accidents due to the fact this doesn’t happen often here in Rome, so I think they are not prepared for this so I guess neither the people or the streets were ready for this… hopefully everything works out well for everyone!

Anyhow I did enjoy and never imagine to come to see snow in Rome :O, you see, I’ve been followed by miracles… well someone could say that more than a miracle is a bad weather and  a worried situation our environment is suffering and going crazy sometimes… but I’m staying positive so for me was a miracle and a fun and unexpected experience!

Ok it was just a morning snow… but sorry for the ones that are suffering these storms I can’t imagine how that could be, and probably is not a happy nether fun experience,  I hope that everything gets better.

Thanks for reading! I couldn’t add the image… the connection didn’t allow me.. I’ll do it later.

Update: I uploaded the pictures.. finally.. like a month later lol…


About Monica

I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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