I´m On Again… I´m Back! (I hope so…)

Hello there!!

Long time no seen you…. so can I say that I’m online again, I do hope that this time my online happiness will last more than the two or four days than my previous excitement lasted…. My connection was without enough coverage in the place where I am,  so now  I’m  working with a new one, I could say that so far I’m happy it is  much much better!

I have miss so much this blog… and I have accumulated so many things that I want to share, vent or complain that I’m still figuring out how to start hahaha…

Let’s Start…

Real Madrid – Lyon (1-1) and no more counting they are OUT..:( (crying faces!!)

I will start with recent news… sad sad and sad… ok after some moments of anger and denial, the sadness came as a following feeling, The Real Madrid is OUT of the Champions League :(:( it just happened some moments ago and I said it before, I do love the roller coaster but come on… they jut needed two goals and to hold on to the score and that was itm they are suppose to have the team to do that, first they shouldn’t have lost in France against O. Lyon, but they did it. Again they are out in the same round in which they have been eliminated over the past six years!!! Tell me again why I’m still watching this? Let’s think positive, next year???? maybe??? I can’t believe it !!! I can’t…

So moving on… I do know that there are more important things in life than a game, but still.. :( I needed to take it out of my system (now  I’m thinking on positive things… visualization is the next step…  not working  :S)

So changing topic,  I think my body will never adjust to cold weather I think  I was born with hot blood so therefore I can’t get use to coldness. I have almost six weeks here in Rome, Italy and when I was just starting to feel happy as the temperatures started to be more hotter or less cold to say at least, suddenly it changes again to cold and I’m walking in the streets with my coat and three shirts underneath, who say layering? most people are using just a sweater :O… I can’t even imagine been in a snowing place. Anyway my adventure is almost over, it has been great and as always very entertaining, challenging and a growing experience!!

Thanks for reading and I will keep working what to share in a next topic, for now I will try to find fun things to do in order to  avoid thinking of a recent elimination of a competition… arggg… see u later!

Pictures thanks to We it and Reuters.


About Monica

I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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