Buon Appetito!!! Pizza, Pasta, Pizza and more Pasta yummy :)

Hello again!

My Italian adventure in Rome is officially over  :( but it has been one of the greatest and challenging experience… and a dream come true so I am happy in every way.

Here is really boun appetito, I have always like  Italian food, but been in Rome and eating what we could say the real one is another story, is delicious!!! They have so many ways of made and eat pasta and pizza that you don’t get bore,  but one question came to my mind… as I mentioned you before people in NY  fashionable, I meant you walk thru so many places in Manhattan as example and you will find people wearing very fashionable and trendy styles,  but when you go to Italy it’s really much more noticeably as most of the city dress in a very fashionable way and follow all European fashion trends,  it does not matter the brand or type of clothes, they pay attention to what they wear, of course there are always exceptions and not everyone is the same, but making a generalization they are very trendy and fashion aware.

Ok I´m getting away, what I wanted to comment is the fact that as much pasta, pizza, biscotti and bread they eat, I meant that is a lot of carbs, still you wont see many overweight people and I thought ether they born with a specific chromosome or biological thing that allows them to eat all that and don’t get overweight or there must be a secret… what I’m saying is that the majority women and mens are healthy looking, so I have that question rounding on my mind… until a friend share what an Italian friend told him, so probably is not a correct explenation but it’s kind of interesting, could be just a theory lol. The thing seems to be the way they cooked the food, they eat their pasta and most of their food al dente, that means cook just enough to be eatable and delicious, haaaa could be that simple?.. I will stick with my chromosome theory hahaha!!

My favorite type was Pasta al Pomodoro with Parmigiano cheese, and my second option will be only with mozzarella cheese and some vegetables mmm… delicious!

When I said that they eat a lot of pasta it’s for real, Italians have it almost in every meal and they combine it with other dishes like meat or chicken or whatever they feel too, but also they eat a lot of vegetables so I think they must have a good combination and food balance, anyway what I can say is that is delicious in every way you made it…

Another of my favorites dishes is Pizza and talking about it, they just get it to another level, there are so many types of pizza, with vegetable, with seafood, with meat, chicken, cheese ect is incredible how many options they have… I have never seen so many ways or types of pizzas, so I guess they really like it lol, God Bless them!!  You probably won’t find other type of food so common, but pizza you will find everywhere, although let me tell you that since there are so many option you became very critical and find your personal favorites as not all of them are that good but definitely they have the best pizza!!!

A picture of one of my favorite pizza place, in Piazza Mancini

Favorite pizza types: Pizza Margarita (Tomato paste or sauce and mozzarella cheese) second favorite, four cheese pizza this one don’t need a description… simple delicious!!!

Ok this topic made me hungry :)  yummy! you want some??… :)


About Monica

I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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