Winter is almost over! Yeah!! Let´s prepare for colors!!

Hi everyone!

As I mentioned before my Italy experience was over, I´m out of Rome :( it was great and definitely is one of the most incredible places, so much history and so many incredible monuments that feels that you are walking and living between the past and the present… But now the adventure is over, it was a great investment but sadly it has to get to an end, I said a couple of months and the time has gone so fast…

But I have enriched my life in so many levels!!! Did I say that Rome  and I think almost all Italian cities are very fashionable and very sport focus. I think that is a tendency in most European countries, it’s a way of life for them, from children to older people they never leave their houses without a specific look or style.

Talking about fashion, now that winter is going away, well in some places is still fighting to stay more time… but you could feel that spring is coming regardless the stubborn winter and it’s incredible how color impact the fashion seasons, I have been living basically in black colors and dark colors during the past months and it was so refreshing to start seen people wearing colors and seen them with clothes and not just coats hahaha..

Winter style is interesting because most of the time you only get to see the coat, trenchess, and heavy sweaters, but you couldn’t see what is under, I meant the clothes not other things! I have a decent mind lol. Anyway is so true that you can be without clothes under a coat and people will never find out as you practically leave with the coats, trenches  on but the funny part is that during winter you use more clothes than ever, ok I have said that I’m from a tropical weather so that means that for me was a day/night change and most of the time I practically wear so many layers of clothes just to stay a little warm… but with the time it gets complicated to dress and to undress lol you need extra time :/ but it was a great, cold, and sometimes unpleasant experience!

Winter colors: definitely black, brown, gray and all dark types of colors! and mixing with some colorfull scarf or other accesories although it was refreshing to see some clasic  pieces in red, beige colors, but most of the city live in darks colors.

I love to surf the web and since one of my new year resolution is been more adventure in my fashion style I have discover a new love for fashion, and for risky styles, I’m still not wearing them but I’m getting use to the idea, one of this day I’ll have a makeover :), I have found so many fashion blogs, it’s incredible how many people visit this sites and some of her owners are now so well-known in their own countries and in their fashion industry, but let me tell you they really have such a great style sense and really devotion to share it with the rest of the world… well since my new name is courage I’m working on it… maybe one of this day I’ll share my makeover… when it get donde hahaha…

 Let me share some of those blogs that I like:

From Spain:

From others countries in Europe


Hope you enjoy them, I do, I think they can inspire my own style sense since I don’t want to become someone else, just enriched my own personal style and it so much fun and time consuming… there are so many fashion blogs, I’ll share more later!

Any comment feel free!


About Monica

I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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