Quick Football Soccer Review!

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Moving on from the Real Madrid recent elimination from the Champions League, they really needed a big win to at least calm the storm that was created after their elimination and they did it, I guess for some fans is not a consolation the weekend win of 4-1 against Valladolid but with all reason since they had invested so many millions in this team, of course that you not need to be a fan to understand that the expectation were high even higher than to other teams, so let’s focus on this weekend news;

Tha Argentinian players Messi from Barcelona and Pipita Higuain from Real Madrid are on fire! and not talking about hotness haha, I do think that Higuain wins that competition but there is option for everyone and I could say that Messi is very talented, back on sport topic,  I think  they are full committed to convince their national team that they are worth to be hold accountable for the coming World Ccup,  is so funny how the Spanish League is so close between these two team Barcelona and Real Madrid, that makes the competition even more interesting to watch!  A hat- trick from both player (meaning each of them score in their respective games three goals) that was a great performance, I still think that Higuain needs to improve something in his game or confident for the big games or events like the Champions but let’s see how he will continue…

 Ok I don’t beleive that the Real Madrid fans wants Barcelona to advance or even win the Champions League, that would be very painful for them to watch  in their own stadium, (The Champions League Final will be in Santiago Bernabeu, the Real Madrid Stadium) but who nows probably there are some of them that would like an Spanish team to win it (But I don’t think so… let’s be honest hahaha)

I feel so bad for David Beckham, come on, he left the glorious and fabulous life of a celebrity in the sunny California city just to get to the cold winter in Milan and play for the AC Milan to be consider or to have options  for his national Team in the UK and now he got injured, so sad for him, he will do everything to be back but I think  it will be a challenge, let’s see, talking about bad timing… OMG I think all girls that wanted to see him in South Africa  will need to start to pray, maybe he can get there on time, girls I feel your pain!! I hope he get better and let’s hope for the best!

 It wont be the same World Cup without him, and not seen the stylish Victoria in the Stadiums, that it’s always entertaining. I was hopping to see which sunglasses she was going to wear, or wich impossible clothes she will pull out in South Africa! Did I forget to  mentioned her incredible natural tannin…

I’m not jealous… I’m just doing a healthy girly comment, beside who would be jealous of her, been mary to a handsome, athletic men, no one! and having lots of money to buy so many things,  ok let’s change topic…

By the way, there is alway  a list of  which  footballers wife or girlfriends is the most beautiful of the Football Soccer World Cup, this year could be interesting with some new faces and if Victoria is not there she will be miss from the list…

Back on the sport subject, this week is still Champions League clasification week and let’s see who will get eliminated and who will move on,  well good luck for everyone!

Pictures thanks to Marca.com and Reuters.


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I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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