Hi there feeling the blues lately…


So feeling a little blue this days… I was supposed to count only the positive things but sometimes it’s hard to do tha as some of you might now…

My computer screen is still broken, yeah but I coming from a long trip from Italy of course I’m a little,  how can I say it broke… or lets put it this way I need to recover, money wise, so currently my screen it’s half  visible and the other half is white lol,  so if I used to have grammar errors with a full screen… have some  compation with me these days :/

Updating some news… Soccer— lets be realistic,  I think Real Madrid lost their chance to win the Spanish League, I think Barcelona has all the opportunities well they have worked them out and they are more than favorite to win both competitions the Champions League and their country league, great for them! yohu… :(  … Ok one day I’ll meant it haha

Hey I’ve forgotten to share with you that when I was coming back from Italy I decided to stay in Los Angeles for a while, I´m not crazy but things are still very slow in my country so since I have to make a connection here, I decided to stay, I have something in mind from long time ago, so we’ll see,.  so far a great idea somedays and not so good some other,  fixing my computer here is more expensive than in my country, the third world advantage I could say. Anyway I’m enjoying and I am taking the time to defrost from the Cold Rome weather, here is another story, Welcome to sunny California!

One good note Glee is finally back, I missed the first episode :(:(… ok lets keep focusing on getting out of this blue stage, I already saw it well in small vision as I could only saw it in half of my screen lol, it’s funny tho…

I need to work on my clothes since I was coming from winter I nearly have summer or spring clothes and no money, this is definitely a challenge… let´s see how can I figure this out!

If this side of my screen still wants to work I´ll update my blog a little more often… I missed to do it this keeps me in high spirit!!

Pictures thanks to we♥it.


About Monica

I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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