A Month later…. I´m still here…

Hello There!!!

So, long time ago, it seems ages!!!   I was not  missing in the blues hehe, those were just human moments!  I’m in Full Colors now!!! I missed so much to write in this space, I feel like I am living a different life now, I’m definitely out of my comfort zone, but I guess that is the interesting  part of  life  that you never know what it’s coming at you!

I feel positive!! I still believe in miracles!! I’m counting only the good things and the other ones are just making me stronger!! and I always tell myself that after nigth the day will arrive and after a storm the sun will appear!!!

Moving to another topic beside my return from the 700,000 times lol the WORLD CUP  is coming I’m counting the days!! It’s so exciting!!!! Really…. it’s staring to feel everywhere, well at least if you are in the soccer enviroment or you like soccer, otherwise not much excitement, but for me it’s so much fun!!

I can not wait… I think Spain has a lot of potential and if they play the same way, a similar or better way as their performance in the Europe cup they have a chances but still you can’t take out the countries that are in a very good shape or has a winning history like Brazil the champions, Italy that always is there even if you don’t like how they play, Argentina with the best payer in the moment Messi, so a lot of great teams that means and hope for a great tournament and what I like the most is that you never know the surprises. I think a lot of us remember the  early exit from Argentina in first round in a past world cup that was shoking!! so let’s see what surprises this year will bring us..

BTW I think is the most amazing sport event… ok, I do like the Olympics too, but this event is just bigger for me… I do love the WC!!

I’m still in Los Angeles and let me tell you, summer is here it’s so hot, I don’t know what is happening to my body since I am from a tropical hot weather country I am used to this type of heat, and sometimes I’m out here and I feel like I’m burning hahahaha….  anyway as I said it before,  it’s time to buy summer clothes..

So I’m putting in practice a skill that I had developed and in which I’m becoming very creative that is buying stuff with low amount of money… ok I don’t think I’m using the right words, but the idea is that I don’t have too much money and I’m been buying stuff so I’m becoming a very creative buyer!!!

I’ve been struggling with the  courage part in my fashion department, I’m still working on been more risky and since it’s really hot now, I think I will have the chance to explore my risky side during summer, I may share some pictures or ideas… so for now I have discovered some basic colors or pieces for the summer:

  • White clothes… (Shirt, dress, skirt…anything)  just thinking on that color makes me feel cooler…
  • Floral also a summer must.
  • Regarding pieces, shorts ,skirts and of course a Jumper (I have to say I love them, I don’t have one, so this is in my courage fashion list…. I don’t know if I will feel comfy… but I could try it)
  • Sleeveless shirts is not just a fashion must is a need, there are so great  ones rigth now so trendy and comfy at the same time.

 Lets keep talking later… I hope so, I don’t like to be absent so much time :) anyway feel free to share your Summer fashion statements and if you are cheering for the world cup feel free to vent here!

Pictures thanks to weit and Me (Polyvore site)


About Monica

I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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