The World Cup is Here!!!! waka waka hehehe This is Africa!!


I’m so excited (just like the song) and I cannot hid it come on, !!!…. Finally the world cup is here!!  and I’m happy, so much to talk about it, greatest sport event in the world, handsome men, athletics, famous and did I say handsome lol… but I do like the sport and the world cup is a chance to see the best players and the best performances of this game (I hope so)!!!

Lets start! ok first comment I like the waka waka… Shakira’s song for the World Cup.. I can even dance it hahaha… well only when I’m alone…  waka waka eh eh eh… this is Africa!

We are in the first stages of the competition that means first round games, 32 teams are divided in eighth groups of four teams, and the best two of each group will advance to the next round that will be a knockout round, one game and one winner that will advance to the following round, and so and so until only two teams will get to the final and eventually one of them will be crown as World Champions!!

Getting into topic the first round have been so interested, first games, the players are somehow nervous and so far a slow  beginnings from some of them… and for some other has been very surprising in a good way like Germany excellent performance best so far,  and an upset surprise for others like the England team, but good job for the USA team they were there, fighting that was so good!

Brasil is doing an ok job, I mean we want to see more “jogo bonito”,  Cristiano Ronaldo is there but still we haven’t seen anything impressive. Argentina is another favorite and they seem to be in a good path, they have to, they have the best player of the World Leonel Messi, and one of my favorite player Higuain!!

But so far the biggest surprise and disappointment was Spain first game. I still can’t recover from their loss (but that will be another post), well as most people said that is the beauty of the sport anything can happen,  although I wanted a win from Spain, they get to the tournament as the former European Champions and they have one of the best teams, I hope next games are better otherwise that could be one of the biggest stun in WC Soccer History… please noooo…

I want to keep seen Iker, Pique and Iker, and Iker…  and of course the entire team they really show the beauty of this game when they play at their best level that will be  a lost for the tournament, but I guess they have to bring it on , this is the biggest scenario…

And I cannot talk about soccer without talking about hotness…. This is another level girls, people!!! Handsome men in the world are united in one country LOL!!!

But let the images talk, as they said action in this case images speak better than words!

I know impressive… and that is just the beginning… more to come and to see… feel free to leave a comment, which is your favorite player and your team for this world cup, who do you think will win the  it???

Thanks for reading!!

Pictures thanks to Weit,


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I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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