My World Cup Predictions!!!…

Hello there!!

I am full immerse in the WC its so much excitement!!! And a little bit crazy, I want to share my predictions, I know the first week is over but still I am going to be honest regardless what had happened so far I will post my original predictions. I know probably it will end up differently  (So many surprises so far….) that it’s the best part, you never know!!

I’m going to start with the first round and later I will share the rest, well I know, who cares about my opinion  lol but I want to see which I will get right, let’s play the prediction game!

Group Stage (my predictions in Blue! )

Group A 1.France 2. South Africa 3. Mexico 4. Uruguay
Group B 1. Argentina 2. Nigeria 3. South Korea. 4.Greece
Group C 1. England 2. United States 3. Slovenia 4. Algeria
Group D 1. Germany 2. Serbia 3. Ghana 4. Australia
Group E 1. Denmark 2. Netherlands 3. Japan 4. Cameroon
Group F 1. Italy 2. Paraguay 3. Slovakia 4. New Zealand
Group G 1. Brazil 2. Portugal 3. Cote d’Ivoire 4. North Korea
Group H 1. Spain 2. Chile 3. Honduras 4. Switzerland

Ok I think I will only get right some of them base on latest results… but still is so entertaining!

As I mentioned, you never know, see  Germany I do not know what happened to them they made an excellent for not to say the best game during first day and their second game was to forget… Argentina is going strong I am happy for Pipa Higuain first hack trick of the tournament…. he totally deserve it!! They seems to be getting better so I hope they wont let me down,  surprises for me are France, where are them??’ I think they forgot that they are in a World Cup… disappointment!

I will share more of my not informative and purely emotional opinions,  also I have to say,  I have seen many world cup through time, and this one has the handsome men by far… probably you have already discover some of my favorite’s base on my images .. Iker ♥, Kaka, Pipa, Cristiano (sometimes …) I have another competition there, let’s see who will win it, but one of my latest addition to the list is Carlos Bocanegra… he is definitely hot!!!

Pictures was taken in my country :) :)!!!

Picture thanks to Weit


About Monica

I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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