Summer must have accesories!

Hello Everyone!!

I hope your having an excellent summer so far!! It’s very hot sometimes of the day at least here in LA but at night and mornings a little bit cold that is good, let’s see how weather will surprise us later on…

So I wrote in a previous post a little bit about my summer fashion discoveries,  I mentioned a couple of great colors and clothes pieces that we must have in order to survive summer!!!  In some places it is really a must have situation more than just a fashion statement and since we need to stay cool and we want to look good, hot or sweet depending on mood and company ;) I know that everything regarding clothes or fashion is a representation or who you are and how you want to be perceive or what you want to show lol.

I know so many people is on  vacation mode!!! Yeah! Well I am kind of living in that mode for a while now, don’t get me wrong I’m not lazy is just I’m  in a not requested  extended vacation for now, but I have something in mind! So far not that fun but let’s hope for an improvement in coming weeks!!

But even if we are in that vacation mode we still can look good  and we can create an Style for our lazy, relax times. Even during those times we can make an effort to dress comfy and feel beautiful that is the good thing of summer clothes almost everything give you that comfy feeling!

In order to keep our beauty and trendy summer style let me share some of the coolest accessories that I have found and that will make us look hot!! (I’m not talking about weather conditions here! I’m talking about beauty hotness!! yeah!!… ohh ohh summer love who knows we might find one!!) let me share some of what I consider cool accessories to have:

  • Trendy and definitely hot sunglasses,  a must sometimes this could save you! It’s hard to see on the streets when the sun is on your face… Also you could look like you are just coming out of a movie set,  like a celebrity… go away paparazzi!!
  • Shoes!!! Flip Flops, well not my favorites but I get it,  is a simple accessory and looks very good, can be fashion, can make you look as you just wake up in the morning looking great. I will go for Sandals,  you can go roman style, with hight hill or without it, and you have plenty options.  Last one is one of my favorites shoes flat shoes, I just love them I love my ballerina style!
  • Another hot trend this days is accessories for  your hair,  time to play with it,  since my hair is a curly wild one this is a great thing to control it a little bit.
  • And of course colorfully and shining jewelery!!
  • Last but not least, a trendy and beautiful hat! ohh you could find so many options this can be a personality statement!!

Let’s have fun during this summer… mix and mach with courage!!!! ok I can not finish this post without including my favorite event during this year, The World Cup 2010! We can combine all the previous accessories to look great and support our favorites team, most of them have these shinning colors that perfectly match our vacation mode and summer trends!! We can look gorgeous at the bar (or home!) cheering for our favorite team!!!

Feel free to let us  know what is your must summer accessory and trend this year!!! or just share anything that you want!!

PS…  I have to say the USA game against Argelia has been the most emotional game of this tournament so far!!!! (I was so excited!!)

Pictures thanks to We it and my own creationo in polyvore!


About Monica

I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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