World Cup 2010.. what is next? round of 16.. knockout!!!

Hi There!!!

Yes!! the World Cup 2010 is getting more excited every day, the first round was officially over on friday when Spain advanced and topped his group that was the last game of this first stage… they didn’t play as we expected but overall the results is what matters… so far a great tournament, I know that for some die-hard soccer fans is a little disappointment in terms of the beauty of the game, but I think now days everything is more difficult most of the players are coming from very competitive domestics leagues and that has to have an impact in this Tournament in my very humble opinion… But I have enjoyed every bit of it!!

The first round I think is the one that could have some boring games, but staring on this second round everything get more interesting, fun and especially more emotional… yes you wont be able to contain the tears in some cases,  it’s painfull and excited at the same time, that is what I love about this game and this Tournament!! I love soccer (football as the rest of the world call it but since I am in  USA, I’m calling it soccer… I wont fight against it lol) Any way the first round was over and here are some of my thougth…

What the first round left me was a feeling that South America is doing better than expected and that the Latin-American Teams are very committed to fight for this Cup.. good for them.. I´m proud.. excellent surprise from Uruguay!! as you can see in a previous post (predictions)  I was putting my money on them (in a figure way of talking since my current condition wont allowed me to actually do that hahah)  Well Argentina was a big question mark and I think Maradona is answering those questions!! I like that, I think if they keep this good game and momentum they have pretty real chances!, I’m cherring for Higuain … (I think you can see my true colors haha… white all the way!!) And Brasil of course I’m counting they can get to the final!!!! I know people is saying that they are not playing the jogo bonito but for me is ok and they are just staring and yes the red card for Kaka was unfair!!!


OK I have to admit  that I never thought that Mexico would advance (not because of the team, but I thought that since the World Cup was in South Africa if Uruguay didn’t make, my third option would have been South Africa, good for Mexico though). I have been moving from my country to Europe then to USA during the past months and without cable and a damage computer… yes apparently I was the only one that thought that France was in an acceptable condition, but what a disappointment for their country, because one thing is to get eliminated in first round is painful, and for  countries like France and Italy where soccer is a passion almost a religious thing it has to be hard, and the media and fans will point out fingesr at them as responsable, but going home with a damaged image is even worts… come on.. the fight between the French players and coaches and all the spy or traitor thing going on inside that was emabarrasing. It was like we were seen a movie script or a wanna be  movie script Les Bleus’  or Les Misérables… but well I think we will keep talking about that after the tournament is over that is for sure.

As you know I spend some time in Rome, Italy, so I have to say I felt bad for them :/ I’m not a fan of their way of play the game but I have to say that it was a big surprise they were the former Champions for crying at loud!! They should at least been able to get out of that first round, but well time to renew the team I guess,  names wont win the Cup… I think Spain is understanding that, sorry for them and I am a big fan of their league as you already know and I think they have incredible chances to win this thing, they are one of my favorites, but let me tell you I think they saw themselves lifting the Cup without even playing the games, especially the media, so I think the suffering during this round could be a good thing for them, first they have to play, and second every team even the smallest one can send you home if you do not  score the goals!!! Trying to chance their mantra to a wining one Iker Shaves His Beard!!!! Hotness Alert!!!!!

So lets see how I did in my predictions, I guess I did decent… 50-50 I could say!

Group A 1. Mexico 4. UruguayI missed France …  score 1
Group B 1. Argentina 3. South Korea.—- Missed Nigeria.. score 1
Group C 1. England 2. United States — Full hand in this one!! Yeah!!
Group D 1. Germany 3. GhanaMissed on Serbia… score 1
Group E 2. Netherlands 3. JapanMissed Cameron.. score 1
Group F 2. Paraguay 3. Slovakia —- Missed Italy… score 1 (I´m blaming the Italian for this… they should have advance…ergg)
Group G 1. Brazil 2. Portugal —- Another perfect score here!
Group H 1. Spain 2. ChileAgain perfect Score!!!

So overall, I think I don’t know much about football but that was fun!!  I got 3 perfect predictions out of 9 groups… at least I got 1 good in all groups lol!!!  so, how about  a round of applause! Standing Ovation! please…

Next are the knockout round… the round of 16  stared today and I’m already sad about it but I will share that in another post…good job USA!!!  So close to advance,  that was sad, I´ll miss you Mr Carlos Hotty Bocanegra… that was my new hot player discover!! (yes I discovered him too late, I need to see more MLS and USA soccer… great potential there)… anyway I’m still in my  full red shirt and blue jeans support outfit all day!!


 Feel free to comment if you want… thanks for reading!!

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