I have to… World Cup 2010 Hotties!!!


I feel obligated to do this, as I think is one of the most productive department in the World Cup 2010!!  and a need at this point of the competition in order to loosen up some emotions and feelings, too much stress!!  Since we are in a two days break since yesterday, what better way to deal with it,  Let’s prepare our lenses for the targets!!!


Yes I know it’s hard when we have to deal with bad calls from the referees,  it’s like ok we understand you are not in front of the action… (they should be by the way)… ok they are humans and whatever, but come on!!! I think they are asking for 3D glasses, can the FIFA provide them! It was a Goal from England!! Hello it was  inside, everyone saw it, and the Teves goal in Argentina vs Mexico game he was practically cheering in the stand before receiving the ball lol. I think the referees saw him outside since you could tell the line up referee face was all red lol, yes that means embarrassment, but I guess they thought it was too late to called it or… not… well you know what they say there are things you can not change, so deal with it, but I know this is like when people tell you, be patient, wait and you will see the glory, it’s easy to said it that to do it,  so I do understand the Mexican team, but I think that was their mistake too,  they should have moved on from that incident and started again, at end it was just one goal and plenty of time to come back but they couldn’t and the rest well history by now. Anyway good for Argentina!!! they deserved honestly, and this will get even better!!!

But since this second round left me so many emotions, Happiness as I was cheering for Germany,Argentina, Brasil, Spain and the 8th teams that moved to the next round,  I’m happy but I understand that as soccer fans we have so many mix emotional moments, going from anger, to unbeliever feeling,  happiness to sadness… I hate to see the players cry…. so sad.. I just want to hug them well some of them :) but that is the game!

So in other to enlighten our spirits, and forget about all the hard and mix emotional moments… lets give an applause for the players bodies , handsomeness and hotness thank you Lord!! lol that can take our  minds to other less dramatic level of emotions!!!

1. Frits a round of applause for some sport brands!! Yes thank you, thank you and thank you for the new designed of the players uniforms, have you see them? They are more tight to their bodies so in this case is not much or a lot left for our imaginations and since we need to give some examples… here is the Argentina team, I don’t know if they requested it but I hope they can breathe in those shirts lol so tight, excellent decision!!!

2. Team Spirit.. yes I could say that some teams will win this world cup just by standing in front of a camera, I guess for some national teams, the requirement was to be hot or at least to pull of a handsome look!!! Again round of applause!!!

3. Practice time!!! I´m not saying anything else… !!


4. Not last, this will require an standing ovation, (ok I Know I´ve been listened too much the song take a bow lol,  I will need to update my music options) continuing, the standing ovation goes to the exchange of shirts moments at the end of the game!!! That allowed us to see more perfect abs during this past two-week than in all season, It’s hard to choose,  ok I will be happy to do a bachelorette Tv show with the world cup players,  so many places to go for dates!!! ok too much imagination!!

A special mention, to some coaches… this is when I said that some men are like wine, the older they get the better they look… so cheese.. I know .. sorry! haha… I don´t discriminate against age.., so they deserved their space here!


*I know Beckham is not a coach, he went to the WC as a manager/coach assistant!!! so He needed to be in a Hottie WC post!!

Well I guess if you want to be a soccer player prepare yourself to work on those abs, I guess this is a fiscally very demanding sport as is one of the sport where you can see the really athletic type of bodies,  probably tennis and swimming are same of more demanding in bodies condition. Ladies so if you want a fiscally athletic men with six pack abs and toned legs,  soccer players are the options!!! Let´s find one… they don’t need to be upper famous as Cristiano Ronaldo lol, I’m giving some option for us the single ladies!!  Now put your hands up!!

* OK Guys this last pic is for you… I know at leat something to refresh the eyes!…

Who is the hottest soccer player for you so far??? feel free to share!

Thank you for reading this…

Images from Weit, Marca.com. Dailymail.com


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I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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