Semifinals!! prepare your nerves…

Hello there!

I was doing another not soccer post, but today  we have the semifinals of the World Cup, so I wanted to share my comments, this is  so excited!!! If you like this sport and  if you are from any of the four remaining teams this is a non doctor recommended for the ones with heart problems… so much nervousness!!!

So good look for the teams still standing and may the best ones wins and advance to the Final!!

Uruguay – Netherlands…. I have to go to the Celeste team (Uruguay)… but is just by heart!! I think this one is for the Netherlands, they sent home Brasil, the super power champions, Brasil, sad :( but time to move on!!   I think Sneijder and Robben are literally playing their best game now!!

Germany – Spain…. this is difficult for me I think Spain has so many chances to win this, but Germany is just playing so good and in such an incredible speed that Spain will need to really bring their A game to be able to beat them… or they may just wait for a bad day for Germany hey everyone has a couple of those days… but since I have to pick one team I think this one will go to Germany!…

Let’s see (I just hope Iker will play a great game!! he deserved a great treatment, so many critics lately for him that he needed that good performance from the last game against Paraguay!!! I was happy for him!!  Go Iker!!!! )  this game it would be really difficult, I think  Spain  have  for the first time a real chance to win the Cup!  Before the WC started they had the best team and were favorites even for me, but Germany has so many  good and fast players that  are really on fire in the goal department… something that Spain is still missing,  but Spain have this team game that make them strong  so we will see what MaraVILLA can do and the rest of a well prepare team!!

So I’m hoping for great games! And  good luck to everyone!!!! this is the best tournament in the world!!! I really love it, ok I won’t say it again hahah I’ve been saying it a lot,  but is almost over :( what we are going to do?? Well I guess go back to our normal life, which I’m still figuring out where is mine hahaha..!!

Feel free to share some comments!!!

Pictures thanks to weit, and reuters.

Have fun!! Besos..


About Monica

I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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