Sunny sunshine!! … What to do?


The hot temperatures remained us that we are definitely in summer!!  Even though the latest days here in Los Angeles has been more a mix of cloudy and almost raining mornings and a very sunny and hot afternoons, but over all it is summer indeed,  I was walking the other day in the neighborhood, and went by the park and what I think is the neighborhood swimming pool, then is when you get it, it is summer, yes it’s obvious, but also is the time to actually do and enjoy outside activities!!

Well I think the 4th of July is a classic day, I meant  a historical day for this country,  but also is a must barbeque or outdoor activity day, either by enjoying some time in the backyards, parks or anywhere during the day and watching the fireworks at night,  so I think it was kind of a kick off party to start the outside activities… I know most of the people are already doing summer things ,but this could be some options for the ones that as me are getting into summer fun mode in a slowly way!! I am  from a country when we do not have four  seasons (we have only summer and winter and by winter means raining days, don’t expect cold days… ) so it’s a slow motion thing for me… I´ve been living in this real seasons weather  since last year so I could say I’m getting kind of used to! Although I guess my body is more used to this hot weather than to the painful cold during winter!

I love fireworks I guess I have  mentioned before during Christmas time, last year  I spent the 4th of July in New York City and saw the show next to the Hudson river…it was great and I loved it,  funny part I didn’t have a camera with me to immortalize the moment. so I just have it all in my mind, but his year  in LA was a different experience it was more like Christmas in my country, fireworks all over the place, I miss my home!!

So  let’s focus on positive things and activities to avoid the missing family part…what else to do or where to go during summer time?? Well let’s see some options!

Barbecues!! time to enjoy some sunshine and food.. excellent combination.. I know is not like I discovered it, everybody does BBQ’s during this time, it’s time to get some sun and to get together with friends, family is also a good time to meet new people too…. now that we are close to  the world cup final that will be good day to get together watch some games and celebrate with a gathering next to the grill…  just be careful to not burn your self!

Beach time… missing home again… I think, us in tropical weather give this too much for granted specially in my country where most of the coast is close to any part or any city in the country so you have many options and you can go any time that you want even during winter season, so now that I’ve been away for more than a couple of months and been in real winter weather, to have the opportunity now to go to the beach is almost priceless haha…. so let’s enjoy the sun and the ocean all for ourselves!! I do have a lot of respect for the ocean water so be careful and make sure everything is safe… we could also enjoy a tanning session during this time, but be very careful too… make sure you use appropiate skin protection believe me your face and skin will thank you later on in your older days … and also your health won’t be on any type of risk, skin cancer is a serious illness and we can avoid it  by taking the proper care!!!

Camping!! this is something that I’ve had done like just one or two times in my life so this is something I would like to do one day I hope I could do it during this summer, I consider myself a city girl meaning I really need to be in the city jungle and have all near by… but time to time I really need some contact with mother nature hahaha… and now I really would love some time away to relax, extract myself from the stressful life in the cities and just have fun outside!!


Lake or pool parties! Yes if you do not want to go to the beach for some reason, lakes and some inside house pools or Hotels pools are great options to stay cool and refresh yourself!  I remember some years ago (17 actually… OMG I´m getting old…Jesus! ) I went to a beautiful park  in San Francisco, CA, it had this incredible beautiful and relaxing lake I guess it was  a built one, but it was one of the best days I spend in this lands. Of course the Pools parties are other alternative option, they are  always  fun, I just hope that all of them have the pee identifier lol,  have you seen the grown up trailer? I want that , I have a feeling that when there are several  people, you know, they may want to release or relax themselves more than necessary… I hope they won’t do that.. euwww!!

  Last Summer in New York I used to enjoy so much just walk in the city, yes sometimes I will get into a store just to get some A/C,  it was a need,  but what I liked was to buy some junk food, sit in one of those outdoor benches or tables near a park or  in the middle of some closed street (mostly the ones in the tourist zone like time square etc) and I enjoyed just been sitting there watching  people and relax,  most cities during this time have so many visitors from so many places around the world it’s really entertaining, cheap and enjoyable option, remember low budgets constraint I need to find my options!!

And last, but no least just by staying at home reading some book and be with  A/C or a cooler device, having some drinks whichever you want will be for me like a great summer day!!  One of the things that I like to do and I used to do  it a lot with my sister, we had movie marathon days!! yes we watched movies almost all day, late morning  up to late night until we feltl sleep watching them and we would have been eating cookies, sodas, candies and whatever we may feel too… so I like to do that, nowadays I have to do it alone, but still it’s a great relaxation time for me, and I still enjoy it so much!!

Well I guess whichever option you want to do during this time would be great just try to do what you feel to and enjoy it as much as possible… take advantage because this may require road trips to get to the places, so that is an additional great adventure,  I used to love road trip now, I don’t enjoy them so much, but that is another not happy story.. I need to get over it.. I may share it some day until them I’ll work on that!

Thanks for reading I really hope you all have a great summer time and you could have the most fun time possible!! We only have one life (I believe that..) so let’s enjoy it, is needed, life could be so rough sometimes… that is good to have options to have some fun!!

Feel free to share some of your favorite summer activities, or whatever you may want to share!! thanks!

Pictures thanks to we it, and mine!


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I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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