The World Cup 2010 Final… finally here…

Hi everyone!!

Well it’s almost over… tomorrow is the last game a little bit sad, well I will be back to my normal life… whichever that means…

The octopus (the one that is predicting all winners in each game)  is incredible,  I want a session with him just to ask a couple of questions lol.  Anyway I did not have his prediction skills so I got 50-50 in my semifinal results!!

Some comments, I said it, Spain needed to bring their A game, and that is what they did!!  I think they played a very impressive game and the team is really working now at their best level, although I have to say, they still haven’t been able to find the goal easily, I know they had a great team in front  during the semifinals game, but again, they are doing almost a perfect performance  in so many faces of the game and still if Villa is not in his best they felt it and I think Pedro was an excellent option in semis, Torres is not at his best now, so let’s see how they will play this last game, is their chance, I think they are very close and they have to take this opportunity!

So in regards of that semifinal game, excuse me, did Germany understood they where playing the semis, I meant I know that Spain outplayed them but I do think that Germany could have done a better job, they have great players and I don’t know if it was fear, confident, or the octopus prediction,  but they were rule out of that game, so now Its Spain against the Netherlands!!

The Netherlands… my congratulations, they are doing an excellent job, I mentioned before I think Robben and Sneijder are playing at their best level and I still think that they make the difference in that team, depending on how they play I think it would determinate somehow their options… I wont take them out, after they eliminated Brasil I think they really believe in their options so that would be an additional motivation and they have good chances!

So I really don’t know who will be the champion, If I have to say a Team I will say Spain. But I wouldn’t be surprise if the Netherlands win it… so let’s hope for a good, entertaining game and overall a fun last game!! :(

Special mention to Uruguay!!! they deserved the 4th place, I thought they have chances for a 3rd one since Germany didn’t seems to care that much but at the end it was a great result for them!! Happy for Diego Forland he play an incredible tournament and he deserved to get where he is now… In I side note, I think all bad comments of the hand play from Luis Suarez (Uruguay), I think many people who is talking about it don’t follow much soccer I guess, that is something that is part of this game, and yes he could have been more conservative in his celebration afterwards, but it is a World Cup, he received his punishment and it affected his team… so everything was ok.. well in my opinion…

Feel free.. who do you think will be the next world cup champions!!

Picture thanks to Weit.


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I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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