Que viva España!! Congrats to the World Cup Champions!

Hola a todos!!

Congratulations to La Furia Roja, as is known the Spain football national team!! Well they are officially the Champions of the World!! So Felicidades!!

It’s officially over people :(, yes I know it was over like a week  ago… sadly or happily depending on who you where cheering, I was in denial I guess, it is sadly, but at the same time, is good to be able to live a life that is not revolving around the games and their schedule lol, freaky but is true admit it !!!

Now that I have full control of my time, and my mornings are back to my only disposition,  I feel in full control and full of power! I am re-building my path, although I really miss the games, all the pre game excitement and the nerves, and not to mention the extensive analysis with friends, family and of course Facebook, yes it was fun, but time to move on and get back to my current reality that by the way is looking better each day, full of hope and miracles!!!

Anyway this post is entitle dedicated to the World Cup Champions!!! Well deserved, they made an incredible final  game, well organized, and really focus on the final goal that was to be able to lift up the precious Cup and that is what they did!! Happy for them, they overcome all odds,  numbers and practically all history that was against them, so a great performance and a great Championship!!

In regards of the game, I have to say it, the Netherlands aka the new ninja/fight/scary … LOL!!! They were pretty rough in that game, well I guess the referee let them be, but the Nigel de Jong fault against Xavi Alonso was brutal that was pure ultimate  Mortal combat performance, it should have been a red card but anyways I thought they could have done something more, I mean they have excellent players and they couldn’t bring a better game I guess the Spanish team was unstoppable… It was meant to be!! My  guess too  is that  probably they got a little bit of stage panic, not taken anything from the Spanish team, during the second period never let the Netherlands to do or even look for their game, it was a full monologue of the skills and colorful display of this game!!  they simply were the best!!!

The party in Spain was insane, too bad I was so many miles away… that was a hell of a party!!! craziness at a full display and happiness all over the place as seen in the pictures and videos, they really enjoyed and had so much fun, congratulations it was fun to watch!

I have to get in a full gossip mode.. using my papo’s aka paparazzi mask… I think by now everybody knows the soap opera built around the Spaniard goalkeeper, Iker Casillas (so handsome.. although I will recommend him now that the WC is over a good tanning session, he needs some sun.. just a suggestion) and his kind of newly girlfriend  the Sport journalist Sara Carbonero, the media talked a lot about them, if she was distracting him, if she was taking advantage of his famous status to get more viewers and all that stuff I guess nothing new. Well  after the final game you could tell that he was in full emotional stage, he started to cry before the game was over after the Iniesta’s goal, ok who has been follow him knows that this is nothing new in Iker’s world, we could say that  he is a sensitive men! So cute, lovable and I just wanted to hug him every time, ok you got the point, anyway is nothing new but I guess the overjoyed was at the top, he performed a scene with his so commented girlfriend that could easily been part of one of the most romantic movies you have ever seen, of course a girly girl movie but romantic, and in some level I guess was a message to all the media a  kind of a revenge you could say… I have to place the video (my first video upload, I didn’t expected to be this one in particular, I’m not a fan of Sara.. don’t get me wrong I’m not bitchy, or jealous…well .. no, I just don’t have the vibes for her… but who cares they will mary and have beautiful babies and I will post the pictures.. LOL !!)


Back to the Spanish celebration, out of my papo’s mask., after the final match the players were so exited that is was hard not to get emotional with them, and congrats to the Netherlands team an impressive run trough out the tournament and what they did at the end of the game in the award ceremony was a really classy act so please a round of applauses for their sportsmanship performance, I guess they owed  to the spanish team after all the punches haha…lol

Well it was just four days ago but some people in Spain probably are still in a celebration mode or in recovery  one, meaning still with a Hangover!!! good luck with that!!

See you next time! thanks for reading and did you like the World Cup? share it, loved it of hated it??

Images thanks to Weit , Tumblr and Marca.com
Video from youtube.com (user Kaleivv)



About Monica

I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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2 Responses to Que viva España!! Congrats to the World Cup Champions!

  1. Erica says:

    I feel exactly the way you do! I think Casillas is absolutely adorable and I am so jealous of his girlfriend and the amazing kiss they shared on camera. Hehe, viva la furia roja! <3

  2. monikblog says:

    I knew it!! I´m not alone on this hahaha or…crazy!!He is so adorable!!… the kiss was so romantic!! good for her…urgg! :) Que viva España!! …thank you!

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