What should I wear to….

Hello in this Hot day!!!

Yes it has been a very hot weeks, I know I really need to take some action in those outside activities that I wrote in a previous post, it is a must, is getting hotter every day. I need a personal A/C, I should be used to this but apparently I’m not… Jesus is Hot!! And not I’m not talking about players that would be a happy comment and thought, I’m talking about the weather!!

I was reading a book today about  how to overcome worries, yes I know lately I’ve been having many, but I decided to let everything in God Hands and just enjoy, release all stress and trust, have faith and be happy!! So in order to enjoy life and get back to a happy, positive mode and attitude, the outside activities that I mentioned  before are the best options to accomplish a relax attitude, so what I like about this, is that immediately makes me think what should or could I wear to those places??? that is an entertaining question, it is fun to mix and match colors, clothes that we have, or just think of additions to do, that means a little shopping!! Always is a good thing… but since I’m in a saving mode I’ll enjoy mix and match my vintage (old clothes hahah),  I’m kind of new to all this fashion awareness sense, and I’m planning to  put in practice my courage attitude in my personal style!

So let me share some ideas or options that I have thought on how  to be in  full fashion beauty and  be ready to enjoy and to mingle, I need to re-built my social life, kind of dead lately haha, I’ve been ether having many interesting and fun conversations with older friends or with much younger people lol.  It has been fun don’t get me wrong, very entertaining and educational in many ways, but by now I really need a contemporary group of friends, meaning meeting  people of my age, and who knows I may meet a handsome significant other haaaa… I know… let’s be positive, think  in good things and good things will happen, so it can and it will be easy.. LOL,  let´s make some magic and put some effort I’m not in a hurry but you know how is the market, and as soon as we get into a full advertising campaign, more option we could have…. positive thoughts girls!! and boys I guess… so what fashion and summer has to do with everything, well exactly  as people says dress for the  job you want, I could add,  dress for the men you want !!  (or the life you want! or friends or wherever you want haha!!) and also evrything is about confident and feeling good and beautiful!!

Back to Fashionista mode, So what to wear to fun outside activities!! who knows maybe we could find prince charming.. or at least a funny, kind and lovely frog.. hahaha.. if not, the time with friends and family is always a life treasure!!

What to wear for a….?

♥ Barbecues!!  this is so much fun, we have so many possibilities, I guess the first step is to find out where are we going, meaning if we are going to a house,  a park or wherever we have decided to go, second, it’s to find out what type of BBQ is, with swimming pools or just a gathering next to the grill.  I’m thinking in a fresh  floral dress!!

 Beach, Beach, Sun and Sand!!! this is hard for me, I’ve been very shy since forever about this subject ,I used to be very overweight, so do the math, haha, I was able to lose a lot of weight (something I will share later on as I am very proud of that!! You will be impressed! lol) anyway, sometimes I’m very aware of my body and thinking on swimsuits makes me want to go hide… but I won’t do it since I have a new name… COURAGE!! haaa..  I’ve been thinking on  some fun options to wear for the perfect bodies and for the ones that we are getting into perfection minds slowly… yes I think everything is in our minds and confidence… of course I will recommend healthiness always! I have one color on mind white dress or skirt … and for the rest mix colors!!

Camping!! well this also depends on where you will go camping… make sure you know if the weather is cooler or it remains hot, since most camping places in mountains as example have a tendency to be more cooler, but some other places remain in summer heat conditions… also make sure you won’t leave food near by.. watch out for Bears visits… (ok too many movies..) so jeans, closed shoes and overzise clothes could do the magic there for me!

♥ Lake and pool parties!!!  Happy time!! and wear something that makes you look and feel comfy and beauty, I picture this lake and swimming pool parties as it used to be when I was younger,  playing some water games, like volleyball, jumping into the lakes and doing water wars… so much fun!! although  if is a theme party make sure you find out the subject of the party, if not, I will only take into consideration the colors and summer pieces.. and of course the swimsuite, mix them with fun and great accessories!! I think in green or very natural colors and fresh clothes!!

♥ Sightseeing the City or just staying in home!!! comfy and comfy that is the main focus!!  I’ll be  prepared to sightseeing the cities, that will mean intense walking and intense sun exposure too, some good tennis, sandals or flats I think could do the work!! , for staying at the house and be in a comfort bead, couch or chair, I will think on comfy comfy clothes but  there is no need to forget to feel beauty even in those intimate moments, I’m telling myself that  this is an attitude and a personal therapy too… well at least for me !!!  I would pick the movies, or the book in advance and prepare for a relaxation time!!

Anything that you want to do, enjoy, have fun and be careful too, this is time to be creative!!! is just one life we better live it!!!… rigth?

What do you think?? what would you wear or what are you wearing during these hot summer days??


Pictures from WeIt and my crazy designs  made in Polyvore!! hahaha… I know some of them are too much … but I have so much fun doing them and I feel creative… give me some time I may improve in my creations LOL hahah!!!

About Monica

I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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