Put your hands in the air for the Big City!!!

Hello there!!

Yes I was totally working a new sport post,  my comments on what the world cup left me, a preview of soccer ‘s new seasons in Europe, and  my WC awards!!…Changing plans, my life works this way, everything happens so fast or at least the resolutions happens so fast and with no much time to do things lol,  well I liked it that way, actions, actions and actions…

I have a big News!!! I’m moving to New York!!! I’m going back, one year later, crazy… I am more than happy as I’m quoting myself , (I just wanted to use the quote option in my blog LOL…)

What I got from NY, was a very treasure learning experience and I would like to go back one day in a very different situation, with a little bit of more money, probably with a better job and wardrobe,my jeans and snickers were fashionables, but I think my tank tops and t-shirts not that much at least not for a fashionable city..    “

As you can see  six months early (when I wrote the NewYork post)I was hoping  to have the chance to go back to New York, and God is giving me this miracle,  if you could be able to see my life, you would agree with me that it is a miracle’. but I guess that would be for later! So right now I’m fighting and sitting in my luggage in order to put all my accumulated clothes in one or two suitcases… this is really a challenge… I already arrange everything like four times, I’m tired, nervous and I miss my sister she has this incredible skill to fill any luggage perfectly,  well I hope I won’t forget anything!!

I guess I won’t  be able to post, at least for the first days, I hope that eventually I’ll find the way as this blog is a precious space for me, and as you can see for the lateness of my previous post which I’m blaming only Polyvore since creating the sets took me so much time, because is so entertaining but time-consuming… but I want to post more often, so I’ll would try to get online as soon as possiblel… and for the polyvore sets I will keep practicing!!

Anyway, I know everything will work for the best!! and would be much better!! I aam walking on faith!! Next post will be from New York City!!! more miracles to come.. see you soon!

Any comment feel free to share it with me!

Picture thanks to weit

Besos :)


About Monica

I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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