Live from New York City… this is….

Me… sorry it’s not saturday…its Monday! :S  a New Week from New York!!

Anyway I’m alive and ready to keep fighting!!! Full of blessings and with many project to conquer… It’s been an adventure but I guess we have to follow the life flow!  I thought this second time in New York I would adjust faster, but  it turn out that  noooo….I guess I’ve been going from one place to another that I got the feeling that I need some type of stability! immediately. It took me a while to get back online… I love this blog.. better later than never right?

In a brief, a recap of my so far New York reunion!… I’ve been in here almost a month and a half… so many things has happened in my life and in everyone’s haaaa…. yes life goes on… thank God!! we always have  to have hope that everything would be better and hope for another day and another morning when the sun will always come up again! You know it’s incredible how the mind works, I’ve been able to remember almost everything and every address that I was familiar with last year, and also it’s incredible how many things could change in a year,  as my mother would say so many things could happen in a minute not to say in a year, and New York is a fast city and an expensive one haha…. I´m feeling it… my saving mode is in  red alert…

In another topic, this past month I’ve been fighting to control my hair in this humidity LOL is going crazy!! sometime it has a life of it owns…. frizz products are my best friends during the hot and humid days of this summer!!  I need a haircut!! during this past six months it’s been growing crazy and with not direction nether to say style at all! Scary :S…. back to supposly final days of Summer, that  BTW has been so hot!! I guess when we pass the 90 degrees that’s when you really feel ot,  and walking thru the city it does increase the heat, but it’s been great!! I still miss very much my family and all my comfort life, meaning my house, my TV and all my  stuff too.. yes I’m shallow I guess LOL… sorry! so back to the weather… last week was a little bit cooler with raining and  with lower temperatures, but it was an illusion now we are back in the 90 degrees.. just one word.. HOT… but I got the feeling that indeed summer is almost over and fall is getting ready to appear, I’m happy since I’d only experience cold winter and hot summer, so I’m waiting on fall..

Anyway how  are you doing?  me  as you can read between emotional faces, this past weeks have been literally overwhelming but I guess that is the growing experience overseas…. thats what everyone say, I don’t know if I should belive them or just grow up and stop missing everything and everyone so much!!  I´m such an old baby!

So move to my latest news… or I could say to my news flash!!!

Fall is coming…. new fall clothes is in stores so many beautiful things!!,  the Spanish soccer league started this weekend and almost all european soccer leagues ether already started or are about to!! so exited even though I don’t think I would be able to watch many games!! but I still have hopes that a miracle will occurs!, anyway it’s exited a new season all teams starts in cero and let’s see which one would be the Champion!!  Since the WC ended I promise myself to diversify my writing in this blog, I love tennis, so I will post a couple of newsabout it and I will include some other sport events too!

(Cristiano Ronaldo /Real Madrid and Puyol / Barcelona new Marcatones)

What else! ok tiger woods ex-wife spoke for real… haaaa…it’s a big news around here.. poor lady! …I forgot to mentioned that I went to the Material Girl launch in Macys,  Madonna’s and her daughter clothes line here in Manhattan, and I saw Taylor from gossip girl… I have pictures!!!.. (I used to have a bad timing, when I saw a celebrity or kind of celebrity I ether didn’t have a camera or I wasn’t able or allow to take pictures, but I guess that is changing, don’t worry I won’t became a celebrity hunter)…btw, she is very skinny!!

Thanks for reading I’m happy to be back again.. and again.. thanks God!!  let me know any comment or question or just feel free to say something!!!


Pictirues thanks to Weit,  Marca and Me!!


About Monica

I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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2 Responses to Live from New York City… this is….

  1. Julie Basilevska says:

    Hello! I’m Julie. I’m 21. I from Russia. It’s far far away from New York. I looked photos of Iker Casillas and have found your page. I wanna learn more about America. It was very interesting to read your blog. Carry on! And good luck!

    PS: please, excuse my broken English.

    • monikblog says:

      Hello Julie!! Thank you for reading!! and for the good wishes!! yes Iker is one of my favorites around here and pretty much around a lot of places hehehe…. but what can we do?… This is crazy! I´m from El Salvador, living in New York and having the chance to talk (at least online) with you from Russia… only in the web world thank God! I like that!! Thanks again and feel free to keep stopping by any time you want!! I´m not planning to go anywhere heheh…

      PS, Your English is great in my humble opinion, but don´t worry as you can read my blog is full of broken English hehe :) but as long as we can understand us, its perfect! :)

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