So… What has been cooking during this days!!

Hello There!

What are you cooking??

 How you been doing??  Me I’ve been living in the shadows of the Big City lol  and I still haven’t been able to follow much of anything, I’m currently living with some family friend in a town in Long Island, it’s not that far away form the City (Manhattan) but very expensive to go there, my saving move it’s hurt and went from red alert to broken light alert with every trip to the City, I hope that this coming week I would have some rain and I’m really hoping that instead of water, money will start to come down… lol, I belive in miracles!!!! Anyway since I’m sharing a house with twins kids (I´m still in the adjustment, looking to establish phase of my moving or transition New York City… I’m looking for a place close to the City) so all my world interaction and activities  has been kids television shows and games… but don’t worry it’s incredible how much you can learn with Dora the Explorer, or with GO Diego GO hehehe. My english is improving thanks to Scooby doo!! So not much  sport  or anything else… but what can I do, be patient and eventually I will succeed, you know I practically just arrived  so I’m working out my way to independency…

You know what hurt me… been here and not been able to watch not even one game of the tennis US Open that just finished on Monday with Nadal wining for the million time… I know! incredible! congrats (Again!!) to Spain and the Spanish fans!!! your having an incredible year in sports… (well at least in a couple of sports discipline, sorry for the basketball team lost in the World Championship…) see I’m expanding my sports horizons!!!! Also I missed all the fashion activities from Friday, it was incredible every store had a fashion activitie or party to kick off Fashion Week, next time it would be!

So back to Rafa Nadal… this is like his one million title right?? watch out Federer… (Ok don’t panic Feder’s Fan… it’s a comment haha I know Federer has accomplish incredible records!!) anyway my point is that I wasn’t able to watch any game, and having them so close it was a bit painful!! (I´m a Drama Queen I know…) so good for Nadal Fans!! I guess he is full recovered!!

Since I am sportless in all aspect,  I wasn’t  able to watch the start-up of the Spanish soccer league “La Liga”  although I’m still figuring out if that was a good thing or bad, since I don’t know what reaction I could have had with the Real Madrid tie result!! I’m pretty sure I would have panic a little bit but in a couple of seconds I would have return to my relax and understandable mode, nothing is lost yet, is still the beginning of the season… hey! They have a new Coach, a particular one, they also have some additions and I do think that the team needs to adjust to themselves and  get use to play together, I just hope that it won’t take them the hold season to do so.. haha we won’t be able to handle another blank season meaning another season with no Title that would be a NO, NO NO!!! But I have hopes in Mourinho I think he is crazy yes indeed but I do think that he has a winner attitude and maybe just maybe he can have more input in the team decisions… you know that in a club that big specially in Real Madrid most of the time the last world on who plays or how they play belongs to the president and he’s committee and who paid the consequences are the coaches but let’s see if  Mou could do a difference…. So don’t panic, two game still a warming up period… Hope so!…  Barcelona is practically with the same team something that is an advantage to them and since most of them where in the spanish national team I guess they haven’t stop playing together during the summer hahaha… so they are very used to play together, they are powerful and now with David Villa as one of their newest additions for this season I think they are in more than a good road… but they are not invincible.. I know even with Messi…. lets have hope!! and good luck for everyone!!! I miss watching the games on weekends… but a friend told me about a link… I guess i’ll try it out.. but shhh don’t tell anyone ;)

The European Champions stared yesterday with an overwhelming win from Barcelona you see, as I’m telling you they are indeed very powerful team and definitely a one to watch as they are always contender to be the next champions, they won 5-1 vs Panathinaikos! God for them, so today was the Real Madrid show time in the European scenario and apparently they did a good job, could be the beginning of a new era or at least some hopes for the fans, but according to my sister very passionate and purely unprofessional report, (she was able to watch the game)  apparently they played a great game, and shows lots of  improvements, change of winds!!! Pipa Higuain score two goals!! good for him and a great performance from one of the latest acquisitions the German, Özil,  in a side note I don’t think I can include him in my hot players list… or what do you think?? probably he could be in the potential one lol, back on today game the  only thing was that they had many chances but couldn’t make them count in the end result, as my sister reported me  thru instant cellphone messages, so  scoring goals should be in their focus, but overall seems that they are staring to get used to play together and we will see if that momentum will go on…

Back to New York I think  Fall is coming and the temperatures are staring to go downs,  I’m kind of regretting my smart decision to left all warm clothes in Los Angeles due to a space dilemma, two suitcases it was practically impossible to pack for all seasons lol,  but now I’ll need to put in place my new creative shopping mode!! I’m such a chicken, 71 degrees and I’m hoping that this could be call as winter hahaha….what I’ll do for actual winter time :S although I love fall clothes,  green, brown and intense colors like intense red  lift my spirit!!! and I’m feeling that Christmas is around the corner yeah!!! my favorite  Holiday season.. its only a big three months corner LOL


Thanks for reading!! I´ve been getting into papos (papparatzzi) mode during these days… just to  be able to understand how the english soccer players are getting all busted up in their cheating scandals hahaha… I guess they need a couple of new  courses; first  “the media will find out eventually” … and  for second semester “The mistress would tell the story”… those are my recommendations!! lol, I´m moving to a new place in the next weeks I belive I’ll find a nice place with a great, safe and affordable neighborhood and with internet connection!!!  hey I belive in miracles!!!

See you soon and feel free  to share some comments, did you watch any Soccer game from any European League?


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