Fall is here and I’m Freezing!! ohh Lord!!

Hello there!!

I am so happy right now!! I’m writing in this space again after more than a month ag, well I guess my idea of having a daily blog has become more a monthly option and lately has been more an impossible mission, but do not get me wrong I’m not giving up!!!  I love this blog and it’s helping me to keep my positivism!! I have been away from home for so long and living in so many places this past months that I need some venting and liberating space… So this is so much need it!!

I was looking at my blogging record and it was shoking to checked that my last post was on September and now is November, it wasn’t on purpose let me be clear, it was more an obligated retirement from the social network life. so many reason, no internet access, my computer broke down again, and since I’m still in a foreign country it’s hard and expensive to find a good solution hahaha… But I’m back and that is what matters!!!!!

So what’s been cooking lately, well I moved out of the suburban life in Brentwood, NY lol, that sounded so desperate house wife but I’m still looking for the husband- :S. Yes I moved out for the hundred time, but this time I have my own room, I’m with a family friend that has been so kind to rent me her daughter rooms, in the City, meaning Manhattan, this is a miracle, this City is expensive, if you have an idea of how difficult is to find an affordable place, you would and probably can’t understand, it’s even harder when you live in a very tight, short, non-existence budget,  well you get the point!! But God always send me angels in my way so although is temporary still is incredible hard to believe.  Only by faith!!!

So the million dollar question… why I’m still here??  I have asked to myself that question so many times that I don’t even remember the different answers  I have come up to, well at the end  it doesn’t matter since I’m still here lol, many months ago when I was back in home, I thought about my professional situation, my job search, and my career path, that lead me to thi exile, it was a response to that stage, when you think this is the right time to make some changes and look for better opportunities specially during difficult situations and crisis, you have to take some actions and try to make those goals in reality and those dreams in actions!! so that’s what I did, and keep trying to do, that was my motor when I started this crazy journey back in January in Italy, it’s hard to take some decisions and to  find a path, even to organize your thoughts when you are living with two suitcases, now I’m happy to say that I have another one lol eight months away from home, I had to add one more hahahaha!!! But it’s had been an incredible, painful at times, but surprising and blessing experience in many levels!!

I have almost four-month in New York, I decided to take some actions in my English skills, meaning I’m taking some English classes, Yeah!!! That could and I hope will help me to improve my blogging!!!! You see, I’m following my new years resolutions!! I decided to stay in this country as a formal student, this a step closer to get to my dream!!  So I’m keeping it positive,  God have never left  me alone !! So far I have been bless!!  But as you know I’m always on the search,trying to prepare as much as possible, trying to get to the next level, I am living by miracles and blessings every day!!!

Anyway, I metioned before about my dream to become an Sport Journalist, is a real career changing decision, once I wrote in this space that I didn’t know if it was it  like when I was watching ER and wanted to become a doctor,  but and after a deeper analysis over the past months and looking back to my life… that sound so deep… but real,  I got to a conclusion and I’m officially tell you that I’m planning to change my career path and become a Sport Journalists!!!  Crazy… I know, but I live with Courage!!!! (How to do it?… OMG that is another story I don’t even know where to start… but I’ll work on that later haha… !!!)

So that’s what I’ve been cooking, not an easy task let me tell you, I’m still missing home, my dear and loving family, that is the most difficult part of all of this, missing them, friends, and my old lifestyle lol. I’ve been working on the contemporary friend’s situation lol, I’m shy, well all the moving doesn’t help either but I’m improving, the school is helping a lot, I’m meeting so many people for different places that is so interested,  I stared two weeks ago and I have some kind of acquaintance… so that is much better… at least I’m learning new words from other countries, I´ll keep you on the loop!!

I don’t need to tell you that these past months beside been in a network retirement I’ve been in a news and sports relate retirement too, I am behind in all information. I am about to get into a serious updating process in every level hahaha!!!

If you want to update me with some info  feel free, I can use some help on that!!! Although giving a quick look at the Spanish league seems like usual, Real Madrid and Barcelona still fighting for first place… that is good and I do know that other teams are giving a good fight!!! So I’ll keep my updated process and give a quick look to other leagues and other sports too!! Congrats to the San Francisco Giants!!!!! they won the Baseball World Series, I was so happy!! see I’m expanding my sport horizons (I really saw the games, at least most of them…see my sport vein is working hahaha)… I spent a year in  San Francisco many years ago, and I have so many great memories and not so flattering pictures of that time hahaha!!! but we’ll keep that in my private album and I’m only saying Congratulations to the Team and the fans!!!!

Thanks for reading!!! Of course it has to be a long post hahaha,… too much time away, what can I say!!! Only Thank U!!!

Besitos :)

Pictures thanks to we it , tumblr.com


About Monica

I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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