This is how we doing!! It’s friday night!!… Now… What’s next??

Hola a todos!!!

This is how we do it!! I’ve been listened to that song too many times lol, but every time it lift my spirit, specially during this past days, when I’ve been trying to define what’s next? how? or where to put all my ideas and plans for my future, but at the same time I got the conclusion that by thinking too much on the future that does not exit yet, it’s somhow exhausting, so, I will stop thinking, I’m only making a plan of my  possible next moves to do, and for the rest I’ll keep trusting in God, he knows better than me, and of course I’ll keep walking with  faith!!!

So moving on, I’m still in my updating process but the headline now is the Royalty weading!! Let me tell you one thing…. it was about time for Prince William and Kate to get engaged… although now I have to take him out of my list :(  I’m a little sad, I know I’m old enough to avoid this type of list but you never know, I’m talking about a list with all my prospect possible dream husbands kind of my top sexiest men alive lol, and yes! I wanted to be a real princess!!!… back to the list, let me tell you is extense I mean long enough to cover different countries and different options,  lately I’ve been taking out of that list with all my sadness  many really good men. Everyone is getting married, stress!!! The first one in that lis was Fernando Redondo (an Argentinian footballer, of course,  if you want to see him google it, he is handsome!!! He was the firt invited to my exclusive list back in 1990 lol. I know  what you’re thinking, old-time, but good old-time, well after I discovered he was already married even before I can reach my 13th birthday I decided to take him out of my prospect list, but he will always remain as my all-time favorite platonic first crush!!!

Then Ben Affleck appears in scene with his weird movies, his funny and smart attitude, and yes he was my replacement for many years, you know that sometime even if you don’t want to admitted you have a kind of pattern, well he is my type ( I have to said that I’m omitting and have erase from my memory his JLo and all Bennifer era … that was his worst) but again he is handsome!!

But let’s get back to the Royalty dreams… My other Royal prospect was prince Felipe from Spain, ahhh lucky Letizia, she was a journalist, see maybe unconscious that could be another reason to become a journalism although I think I’m running out of royalty principes, what do you think? who is still single and between 28 and 32 years?? do I have some options out there???? As my mother will said, I don’t have anything to do lol.

I’ll put all my mind in  getting update in my Sport  needed daily dosis., so far I’ve only been able to read some Spanish league info well mostly pictures and some headlines, I’ll leave you a surprise that I found (maybe you saw it already, but since I’ve been out for so long, for me it was a great welcome to this network life!!!! so I’ll make you smile again!! and I’ll be drooling again!!) Anyway is weird only for me that Maradona and Mourinho (Real Madrid coach) are talking in the same place where the Real Madrid is training??… I saw the picture and got scared, but apparently Maradona was visiting the training facilities, I guess… Don’t get me wrong but Mourinho and Maradona training the Real Madrid probably could be too much…

What I know is that the match of the matches is almost here, meaning the game of the games., The Clasico!!!  I don’t know when is going to be but I’m assuming that soon, base on all headlines regarding to that game… if you don’t know which game I’m talking about is Real Madrid vs Barcelona!!

Anyway ladies and gentleman… life is so cold right now… hahaha I know is 40 something degrees and I keep hoping that  this is going to be winter….

So Christmas is almost here!!!! Yeah Yeah!! and its Friday Night!!! High energy!!

I’ll post later about Thanks Given, the tradition here in the United States and in New York is the big news, everything is preparation for that day!! family reunions!!! I miss mine but I love them so much that they are always with me in my heart!!! Anyway I’ll share some of the craziness of that Holiday in a next post, still need to do much updating but I’m on it!!!

Thank you for reading, let me know what are yours Thanks Given plans or if you don’t have that holiday feel free to share something with me!!

And here is my early Christmas gift!!!! Enjoy!!!…. besitos!!

Pictures thanks to weit and


About Monica

I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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