Too many things to be thankfull!!!!…

Happy thankgiving!!

Well as you already know I’m living in the United State, in New York City and it’s practically impossible not to get into the thanks given holiday mood,  where I came from we don’t have this Holiday, actually we kind of wait until Christmas and the end of the year to thanks everything that life or in my believe God have give me thru this year!!! But since I’ve been living here and since I love all pre christmas and holiday season this is kind of the kickoff  for getting into that amazing and happy mood!!!!

Well actually regardless the History behind the thanksgiving, I think is a good idea, to  be  thankful with everything that has happen in our lives and believe me this year has been a real rollercoaster for me, and I have so many things to thanks to, health, been able to support myself (that is a miracle) , been here following my goals, and of course my loving and wonderful family, and the list go on and on, well for me the real thanksgiving would be at the end of the year!! Also I think the given idea of this holiday is also to make us think how much  we have give to others during this year… and that is something tha I can easily tend to forget that is not only receiving,  actually as my mother will tell me all the time, as it’s our believe that given is how we receive… (it might have more sense in spanish hehe,, “dando es como recibimos”!!) what I meant is that as much as we give God will bless us more, and I truly believe  that and try to live by that promise. It’s not a matter or waiting to receive something in exchange  when you give anything to anyone, but is more as a receive blessing and personal satisfaction and maybe it wont come from the same person or from the same circumstances…. I don’t know if I made my self understandable…!! hehe… blame it on my language barrier.. haha

Anyway this time here is a vacation day for most people, time to spent with family… I would love to spend some time with mine, but they are constantly in my heart so that is good, I would like to try out some of those pumpking pies!!! so I hope you enjoy it!!

In Some brief Sport News!! (Mostly Spanish soccer news )

Real Madrid is still alive in the Champions League competition, as well Barcelona, and apparently now all the focus is in the “clasico” game, Barcelona vs Real Madrid! that would be a very interested game as I already mentioned, I think I’ve been mentioned it a lot because I’m not shure if  would be able to see it…. so sad but I still believe in miracles so I’ll find a way!! Most of the spanish sport news papers are focusing in that game.. and also the rest of the world. It is one of the mot watches games!!  and I just found out that even ESPN  is doing big advertising here in New York ,in Times Square,  I think every time is getting bigger.. well except here in the  state but who knows even here might be getting a little bit of more attention, I hope so!!!! we’ll see, the scenario for the great game: this one would be in Barcelona’s stadium, they have to play two times, as that is the format in the Spanish League schedule, the play all teams ones in their stadium and them second round with same teams, as visitor, or vice versa depending on how was the schedule for your team, so this one will be in Barcelona!! I’m so exited!!!!

I can´t tell you more about this since I’ve been blind side of the news, why? well with sadness I report that my computer is getting into her last days of live :(… and you know what, there was a point when I felt like that episode in Sex and the City when Carry lost all her information, and everyone asked her if she had some type of back up… Well that was me until yesterday, haha I’m planning to avoid perform that episode in real life, so I bought me an external hard drive and I hope I can save most of my information!!

As I promise you I will give a look into other sports!! and I’m sharing that with you! So let’s talk about Tennis!!

The  Tennis Master Series is going on now, that is like the championship of all tennis champions, only the best meaning top eight of that sport during the past year gets to that tournament, so is not a surprise that Federer is doing what he does most of the time, going strong, moving to semifinals without losing  any game, you know once I said, it would be easier to be a fan of someone like Federer he always is there fighting and winning,  let’s be honest he is making history as a true champions, I know there are others that can challenge him, but untill they surpass his accomplishment he is still the best! So I know is not easy been fan of any player, what I meant is that, with the ones that are struggling is a lit bit more heart attacking experience… I always pick up the ones that struggles the most hahaha…. so my fan experiences are very entertaining, painful sometimes and very heartbreaking others… now my heart is resting a little bit, since Marat Safin retirement he was my favorite tennis player, I follow him for many year.


So as you can see, I do have a pattern…hahaha!!! at least I know most of them have to be tall! hehehe

Besitos a todos!!! (kisses to everyone!!) have a great holiday kickoff!! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

I hope all of you have many things to say thank you!! (even those hard times, we have to be thankful for that, since that make us stronger!!!)


Pictures thanks to we it,


About Monica

I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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