Ok… That was not what I expected!!!

Congrats to Barcelona…

That was a slap on the face, there were the only team playing something in my opinion, they were completely focus on getting the result, their game was there, and they got it, now they have the first spot on the qualification table, congratulations!! That was a well-played game!!

I guess I should avoid giving predictions, when Barcelona score the two goals, I said ok I’m good, but the idea was that the Real Madrid had to scored the other three goals, not Barcelona… at least I got the amount of goals in the game correctly lol :/ But it was incredible, after the third goal that was painful, since there wasn’t any signal in Rea Madrid that they could turn that around, it seems that they couldn’t find the way to react, the first two goals during the first 15 min, that was unexpected,  an early surprise even for them and since that time it was another story, they had to risks more and against a Team like Barcelona that is dangerous, they can kill you in the open spaces… they didn’t find the way to outplayed them or at least stop them…

And I won’t even going to comment about the penalty against CR7 (Cristiano Ronaldo)  well maybe I do, hehehe… only because Victor Valdes belongs to my kind of not  popular players list.. I don’t like him that much… and It was a penalty according to Marca, that is my only source at this moment,  since my connection was kind of in a slow motion and fussy I can’t be a good judge, so I will trust them this time…. Anyways there was not difference and probably I don’t think could have made any difference at all, the way of playing was what made the difference!

It was 5 to 0 I mean 5 to 0…. you get it  Five to Zero!!!!!….. ohhh boy… that it’s a no, no!!

Imagine that Barcelona’s fans have been talking about the 6-0 of a previous season for so long, and it’s kind of one of they favorite topics, I don’t want to guess about how much time they will be talking about this… but been fair, it’s ok it was deserved… one team did their job on the field today!

Don’t get me wrong…. it was sad to watch.. (I saw four of the goals :S:S).. painful, and I think it was the same for all Real Madrid fans, it was frustrating, I think they could have done much better, they’ve been playing very good in previous games, they have good players, that could have work together and could have made some important things, I didn’t even hear  much about Benzema, that was no bueno!!.. At the end  the result is what matters, anyway looking at a positive note, there is still a lot of league yet to play, this is not over… still it’s a long season, let’s see what would happen!

I still have good hopes on the Team, and  Mourinho, he is another story…. his  comments after the game are so funny!! I mean that is what people like about him or hate… but he keeps it interesting!!  I’m quoting him, just an idea there is more in his actual interview with the media. (sorry for my bad translation!)

Barcelona Team is a donde product (or a finished product), Real Madrid still have more to do (or is not in their level)… this is what he said after the match…

Thanks for reading I hope you have been able to watched the game, and I hope you have enjoyed it!!!

So a sad sport day… for me!! For Barcelona Fans congratulations and it’s time to celebrate!!! Well deserved and enjoy it!!!

Share with me what your think of the game, your happiness, or your sadness….!! Feel Free!!


Pictures thanks to Marca.com 


About Monica

I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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1 Response to Ok… That was not what I expected!!!

  1. Lanie Kazar says:

    Hello. impressive job. I did not expect this. This is a fantastic story. Thanks!

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