This is the day People!!!… (if you like football soccer!!)

Hola a todos!!

Well exactly in about 10 min approx will start one of the games in the Football soccer tradition, that remains  as one of the best if not the best games around the world, because of the rivality between the two teams, but also because of the history of fighting local championships and International ones!!

I am very exited, I did find a webpage to watch it, but my excitement won’t last that much, my connection is very bad, I hope my sister will do her job on send me messages with the result!!! I love this game it has so much expectations, so many things on the plate and so many players to follow and see if they are able to overcome the huge pressure of the media, the fans and also if they can live up to their status of best players, I hope to see a great game, great performance, beautiful football game and at the end a entertaining experience for all of us that love this game!!

So make your bet, I will have to go for the Real Madrid, although I found out that Higuain won’t play due to an injury, he would be in the bench so I hope a miracle can occurs, I would love to see him score against Barcelona, although he still have another change next year back in their Stadium, having him in the bench I think is a big lost for the team but well I hope that Karim Benzema could step up to the game and can help the team, Ozil is also playing his first “Clasico” and I hope he can bring his best game! For Barcelona’s side, well they have Messi the best player of the world and the one that people is watching and expecting to do their best!! And being objective they have been playing incredible soccer, and they are consider the best team. This has everything  to be a great game!! If you are able to watch it let me know your thoughts and what you think about it??’

On the other hand, this game has another protagonist, the coaches of the teams, everyone knows that Mourinho won’t be getting any love in Camp Nou, there is a history of rivality between the Barcelona Team and the Real Madrid coach, if you can remember I guess was a year ago when  Mourinho’s Team,  left  Barcelonaout of the European Championship, Inter de Milan, and a couple of incident during that game in Barcelona reaffirmed that he won’t be a welcome person in this game!! I’m hearing in the news, that the media is expecting a similar welcome that Figo received when he change clubs from Barcelona to Real Madrid, the ones that follows this league can have an idea of how tough the welcome will be, a lot of non pleasant comments and probably not love at all.

I’m giving my prediction:

Barcelona 2 – Real Madrid 3

Hahaha I’m so optimist, I think Barcelona plays incredible well, but I do believe that Mourinho has done a very good job with the team, they have improved in many levels, and I think Mourinho will love to win this game, he loves the attention and all the BS that the media talks about him, and he loves to piss off the other teams, specially if is Barcelone,  beside all Real Madrid love to go against all predictions!!!! like me!!

So I hope you enjoy the game, be happy and cheer for the one you like!!!


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About Monica

I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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