I want more impossible to ignore, impossible to ignore!!

 I want more impossible to ignore,
Impossible to ignore.
And they’ll come true, impossible not to do,
Impossible not to do.

Hola a Todos!!

Yes!! I am here!! and not going anywhere, it’s been quite a few months but what can I say, life hit you some curves sometimes, and what can you do, just keep moving into your path! Not easy but I’m not giving up, although I have call home sometimes actually saying I can’t do it anymore, I know, this living with positive thoughts and positives things will come it’s a discipline that I haven’t master yet, but I will!! I have too!!!

The great news is that, I took the next big, scary but happy next step!! I am studying  Broadcast Journalism at the New York Film Academy!!! I know surprising, but as I told you this is the right time to go for my goal, and for a passion that I had for many years and now I’m putting words into actions, with the faith that I’ll reach my dreams!!! Anyway it has been an amazing experience, and I’m totally blame the academy for my lack of post… when they told us, on hands experience they meant it!

But I’ll share my work with you later on… so weird… everything happened so fast and as usually as a miracle that I still laugh when I see my self in the camera!! I can not beleive, I am actually going for my dream!! Well I’ll post some of my projects but I still have to fix them a little bit so nobody will sue me… hahaha  that would be a no,no.

 A mention to what happened in Japan… so sad, and so incredible hard to believed, I am still amazed by the destruction only I can say that all my prayers are with them, all  families and all the people, I can only imagine what they are going thru, I have experienced that since my country is well-known for being an earthquick type of city, we have had some of them really destructive, and I have experienced three during my life and it’s horrible and scary and I just hope that they will recover and emerge as a better country.  Media is saying that it was 9.0 the magnitudes, our last one was 7.9 and it was the most horrible experience ever, I can´t think what they went thru.

But I guess life goes on, and as long we don’t forget them, pray for them, or to help them in our possibilities there much we can do and then just hope and send them good thoughts!

I don’t even know what else to write not because I don’t really know but because it so much I want to share, first school has being amazing experience, I have learned so much that you and I positivity know that my mother is so proud hahaha!!!   I still don’t know how they have been able to support me but that will be another story, I’m so thankful with them and with God!

The weather is getting better!!! I was making some kind of notes today about when the cold weather started and I think was at the end of november or beginning, I don’t remember and I was making a mental note, because it seems that it has been forever….. seriously for me this three months has been kind of six, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel… the temperatures are going up!! Yeah!!!

Tomorrow is a Champions day, is a very important day for Real Madrid, they face the O. Lyon in their attempt to pass to the next round, I’m a little nervous I don’t know, it’s not an easy one, specially since they haven’t been able to pass this same instance the last three or four years..

Anyway, I hope is a great match I don’t know if I’ll be able to see it, but they have to move on to next round…. it’s a must situation for Mou!!

Ok I have to get in Papo’s mode meaning gossip mode… My hips don’t lie and Pique are together!!! Well you know what they say, cuando el rio suena es porque piedras trae… I know it’s spanish but means that when people talk there is some kind of true about it, Shakira and Gerar Piqué are dating, sorry for Iker and Sara I think their media Kingdom is moving to Barcelona… they look good together and good for Shakira and the cougar thing, I know she looks younger than many girls out there but still, she is giving us good options, now it will be trendy to date a young men!!!! — gossip mode off—

So, people get ready for all the sport excitement!!  I want a Real Madrid vs Barcelona 3D… imagine, their regular game in the spanish league, their fight for the Kings Championship (Copa del Rey), and if they face each other in the European Champions League… you think it will be too much?? Well I guess it will depend on who wins hahaha!!

Btw, I saw an exhibition Tennis game at the Madison Square Garden! Sampras vs Agassi!!, my first tennis match ever… I was so happy that you can’t imagine, and it was a fun game of course Sampras won but it was fun to watch!!! Next I’m setting my mind for the US Open, this year I’ll be there!!! (positivism!!!)

Are you sleeping now.. lol I know… so long… but thanks for reading feel free to make any comments!!

Last minute news… so sad, Abidal (from Barcelona soccer Team) has a tumor and he will be at the hospital for the  surgy. All my prayer to him too…


Pic thanks to we it, Tumblr, marca.com.


About Monica

I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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