What should I do… Change or just improve old.. decisions!!

Hola!! Hello!!

Yeyyyy!!!!  I’ve been missing in action for so long,  but now I am planning a big comeback!!

But for now I am facing one of the biggest decisions of all times!! (by now you should know sometimes I tend to be a drama princess… not yet a queen but apparently I am on the right path lol)

Anyway the big concern right now is, should I change the theme of my Blog and come back with a new makeover?  I am planning to take this blog to the next level lol!! I already fix my pictures, which I am not happy with the result, something change in my theme, anyway I will make some changes too!!

So here is my dilemma… I love blue, but  I don’t like all the blue themes, I kind of like a pink one, but I am not a pink lady!! This is my mom and sister fault, we are only one year apart so all pink and red things were for her, and I was stuck with the blue ones, long story short, now I am stuck with blue I love it, all forms and levels!!

Back to the dilemma,  I really want to make a change, give it a fresh look, it’s about time!! but none of the WordPress theme makes me go crazy :/ All of them looks so narrow and that’s what I don’t like about the current one, don’t know why it is like this now, it wasn’t this way before, and seems that everything is so pack or close, ohhh what can I do?????

The good news for me is that regardless of the theme I’ll write again, since my old computer just died (sad RIP, I will always have it in my heart so many great memories, and yeah it still has all my pictures, which I don’t know how to recover them, but still I won’t hate it for that!!!) but now I have a new companion to be back to  the blogosfera!!! I do as always plan to be more active, I hope that with this new baby I am going to be able to accomplish that!!!

Edit: When I said new baby, this is what  I meant… lol,  say hello it’s not an apple yet… but it’s good to keep having an online life hahaha!!!

If you have an opinion feel free to share it…

PD: I will make a suggestion to WordPress to make nicer blue themes!!! at least until I can upgrade and can do my custom design!! hahahaha


About Monica

I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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2 Responses to What should I do… Change or just improve old.. decisions!!

  1. Dave says:

    Change can be very good. I change my theme now and then just because I get board with whatever I’m using. When I wanted to widen my current theme though, I just went to Theme Options in the Appearance tab on my dashboard and switched the column layout. I really had no need for the excess widgets on the sides anyway. Some themes let you pick background colors or whatnot.
    I saw that you mentioned a new baby, congratulations!

    • monikblog says:

      Hello!! Thank you about the theme tip, I was thinking that I saw that I could change the color but long time ago, I didn’t find it lately, I think I still need to learn more how to use WordPress hahaha… If I fix the columms I will be happy, that’s what I want!! Thank you so much!! and thanks for the congratulation although I was refering to my new computer hahahaha!!! I will make an enphasis on that lol!! Have a good day!

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