New Generation!!!


Well my attempt to post more often so far, you can call it a FAIL!!!…

In my defense, as always lol… It was not entire my fault… I bought me a new baby (computer to avoid confussions hahaha) because my old one died… And you won’t believe it!!! Yes the new one its in texas being repair… I know it’s like a sad Joke although actually is funny!!!

Anyway my two months new computer needed a new hard drive :/ good thing is that of course I am still on warranty so, they are taking care of it, but that means some weeks without computer… :(

But as always there is something good, after almost two years with my old phone (which failed too, but that one even lasted too much time I think it spent most of the time on the floor… my fault! Butter hands lol) so that phone was like a generation before the dinosaurs as I always  said it, but now thanks to a good deal, not the best phone, but I get a new one and it’s a new generation one!!!…

I am still living on a budget don’t get confused hahaha anyway I get a new decent phone that allows me to be part of this era!!! Welcome Civilization :) and now I am even making this post from it… I know I still cannot believe how I’ve been living all this time in an ancient era LOL…


So I am still in a retirement..

But I’ll be back baby!!!

One last note…. HALA MADRID!!!! Yes many thought was going to be impossible but it was not, weekend “La Liga” “Clasico” result Barcelona 1 – 2 Real Madrid!!! And now seven point ahead at the top for the Whites… And all Madridistas fans are more than happy! Wohooo


So now they just need to turn around the UEFA Champions League result and they will be in route for Major Celebrations!!!!

Thanks for reading, I will try to add some pics… Its pouring in NYC…

Feel free to say whats in your mind lol!!!

PD. Not the best photo quality, I told you new generation phone but still on a budget hahaha….



About Monica

I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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1 Response to New Generation!!!

  1. aleyda says:

    we can see the pictures at least i can, great that you are writting again miss u a lot.

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