The try to Survive as you can game!!!



I hope everyone is doing great!! I am still without computer but I am making it happen!!

The UEFA Champions League is being play during this week, semifinals stages, four teams trying to get the ticket to go to Germany for the final, only two of them will make it…

This week is the second game of a two games series for the semifinal qualifications, and if you are a Barcelona fan you are probably not happy at all… The first series of semis was played today, Barcelona vs Chelsea, and the “Blues” as are known in the soccer world, Chelsea FC is the first finalist!!


They put a bus in their goal area to defend the score that gave them the ticket to Germany, it was incredible, after Terry, Chelsea captain, was sent off with a red card the entire team was defending… In my opinion not the best style of play, it’s not the best way to play this game, but it is a way and you have to do what you have to do to get the result… It’s not the beauty of the game but they are finalist now, they use what they have, that is why we love and sometimes love to hate this sport!!!

On the other hand Barcelona couldn’t hold it, come on!!! They had the best situation a 2-0 that would have given them the pass to the final but they couldn’t hold it, and in this type of games one mistake and that’s it you are out… You know my colors but I am being professional here hehe, they just couldn’t get through that tight defense even with one more men in their team.

Messi was no the Messi we are used to, he was not at his best, he even failed a penalty that again would have sent them to Germany but I guess it wasn’t meant to be for him and for his team today.
Now all the ones that have been saying tha he is a god are saying that well he is a human being!!!!… Of course he is human, the best soccer player but a human, a Legend we will see…

But for some creative minds today he is not only a soccer player but also is the Chavo del Ocho a famous character from a Mexican comedy series, this is hilarious hahaha


So now the open questions???
Is Guardiola staying with Barcelona?
Is pique leaving the team?
Is Barcelona not as good as they used to be?

Only time will tell us… This sounded so dramatic, I can even here the deep background music, lol

Soooo… Who will be the other finalist, well for this one we will know the answer tomorrow… Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich, Bayern has a lead from the first game, the result was 2-1 so we will see… Come on whites!!! Hahaha just saying!

Thanks for reading, Congrats to all Chelsea fans and well for Barcelona ones you still have the Copa del Rey final, and the next season…

Who you think will be the next finalist???

Pd… If Real Madrid losses his game tomorrow the post might not be as calm as this one hahaha…

Pictures from Facebook, I will add the source when my phone allows me to do it :/


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I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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