It’s Over…

Hola a t@dos!!


Well I said it yesterday this might not be my best post :/ at least I waited a little bit so the sadness, frustration and anger was washed away lol … Well life goes on!!


Congratulations to all Bayern Munich fans!!! Well deserved and enjoy it!!

For Real Madrid fans… Well.. As the song says, It’s OVER!!! When it’s not meant to be it’s not meant to be… The 10th will have to wait, maybe next season, it is what it is!!

Lets talk about the game, second semifinal, second game of the series between Bayern Munich and Real Madrid, well Bayern had the lead in the first game (2-1) and this game was not easy, this was a semifinal game, this type of game is what you expect at this stage and at this level… So emotional too!!

The picture below is fake, but it shows how emotional this game was hahaha one of the best part of this semifinals… The creativity!!


The Real Madrid as it happened to Barcelona yesterday had the best situation early in the game, they had a penalty in their favor and a second goal, a 2-0 lead in the first 20 something minutes kind of dreamed situation for them, that result was their ticket to the final, but again they couldn’t hold it…

And Bayern went to Madrid to make it happen, they fought hard and played good in attack, as result a very fast, open and crazy game, they scored the goal they needed to tie the game (2-1, and a 3-3 in the global) and the rest was a battle between good attack from both teams and sensitive defenses… Although by the end of the second half Bayern was putting a lot of pressure, but the game went to a painful, stressful extra time (well at least for me lol) and then to a more stressful penalty kick session…

And there is where I said What the Heck happened??? You have Cristiano who has scored almost if not all Real Madrid penalties kicks during all season and BOOM failed the very first one in the Pk series… Seriously it was not meant to be, I don’t take away Bayern’s effort but this was beyond my believe…


Then after I was getting a new hairdo thanks to my nervousness and ability to tear out my hair… Kaka also Failed his chance!!! I said failed because I think that most of it depends of how they kick the ball, but I think Neuer did an amazing job! If you are a goalkeeper you have to get the direction of the ball to have a chance to stop it and there is their skill, imho… Anyhow at this point I said ohh dear Lord, tell me this is just to put some emotion but nooo…

Shout-out to Iker as always he is Saint Iker after all, too bad that he cannot be superhuman… But he did his part stop two penalties and give all Real fans a light, a hope that lasted until the moment that Sergio Ramos sent the ball out of this planet lol…


Seriously…how in a team that is full of some of the best players of the world only one out of four actually scored a goal in the penalty kick series… How??? Luck?? Or just not enough practice??

I think they probably never thought they might get to Penalty time, I don’t think it was overconfidence or maybe…

But anyway the end result of this game is  there, Real Madrid 2(1) – 1(3) Bayern Munich, and no more Champions for the Whites, so close and at the end so far away… I am so poetic today! I am impressed of my skills lol..


What is real is that it was a great game, Bayern played with courage and passion, Real Madrid also put their soul and effort, two big games in less than a week might have been too much mentally for the team but that is Football, that is what we love and enjoy so much!!

So for everyone that thought it was going to be a Spanish final well thank God that we have other occupations besides predict games results hahaha… Now I feel a deep respect for the World Cup octopus, he was gifted!!!

Thanks for reading, I will go now to see where can I find a hair treatment, after today game I will need it. :/

So get ready for the final May 19th, Chelsea (who better get ready for what is coming, putting a bus in a final I don’t think would look good hehe but they can do better) and Bayern Munich in their stadium, definitely will be the favorite and if they play like today, I also could say they are the favorites but as we have experienced this past two days this is Football (Soccer) so anything and everything can happen and favorites are only in papers and not in the field, there, the game will tell us the real story!!

Sad day for me, but a good day for the sport! Hope you enjoyed as well, thanks again for reading and feel free to share whatever you want!

Who would win the UEFA Champions League???

By the way, I have this feeling that Mou (Real Madrid coach) might leave the team… Noooo… He said today that if the club and the team wants him he will stay.. I hope so, I think he is good for the team and for bringing us entertainment lol!! We will see..


Thank you! Take care!


Pictures from Facebook, I’ll post the source when I have my computer.


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