End of an Era???… Apparently yes…


This might be like when Harry Porter ended!!!… It might be the end of an Era…

According to the Spanish media, and many sport journalists, we went from the announcement that Pep Guardiola and Barcelona’s FC president Rosell will host a joint press conference to inform Guardiola’s decision to stay or not as a coach for the team, to a most probably the announcement that he will leave the Club, reasons so far it seems that he is to tired and wants to take a sabbatical year… could be.. being the coach of one of the best Football Soccer clubs in the World is not easy and probably it is exhausting!!

I guess the answer to one of my previous post questions will be answered in just some hours… so yes, as of now it looks like it will be the end of an Era a very successful one!!

So if that is confirmed, who could be the next Barcelona coach?? I wouldn’t want to be him :/, the pressure to overpass what Guardiola did, is huge.. but someone has to take the team and with the players they have,  I don’t think would be much difficult, but for sure it’s going to be an interesting process!

Some of the interesting names that are making noise are Marcelo Bielsa, an ex Barcelona player like Pep, Luis Enrique, Lurent Blanc among others.. who do you think can take it??

So now that apparently Guardiola is leaving, that could mean that Gerard Pique might stay in the club??

We will see how things unfold, this novela chapter has just started!!!

I am leaving you with a song that could represent the situation :-) …Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls – End of an Era

Thanks for reading!  Let me what you think, if you want to hehehe…

Picture (front picure of Friday’s paper) from Diario Sport.es, via @rrmisas, posted in Twitter by @Alfremartinez and RT by @2010MisterChip, Youtube video Uploaded by SiriusIsTheBest on Jul 22, 2011


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