Looking back just to move Foward!!

Hola a todos!! Hello there!!


I heard that you should never look back, just keep moving forward, I do agree with that, we have to keep walking with our head high looking up to the sky, but there are moments when looking back is  not only  good  but also needed, only to learn,  forget, forgive, remember old victories and then move forward with a renew strength and faith that we have succeeded before, and will do it again.

2012 was a challenging year, I guess every year has their own challenges, some more than others, that’s just how life works. I like to think that it was my “Game Changer Year”. I decided to change career, to follow this new path, to stay in a different country to study and prepare the best way years before 2012, and still I think it was a defining year, it tested my resistant, my real desire to fight for my dreams and goals.


People say that a real passion, a real dream is when despite everything against it, you still wakes up every day thinking about it and dreaming about it, and that’s what my new path is for me, it’s something that despite  all difficulties and obstacles I still think is possible to accomplish, even after those moments when I’ve given up, stop believing, fighting for or the moments when I’ve said to my self that’s it, it’s enough, I’m too tired, and when I’ve said “maybe it’s not meant to be”…

But the truth is that deep down your soul, mind and body you know it is meant to be, because if it wasn’t you wouldn’t wake up every day wishing for that miracle and that moment when all will fit perfectly, and also because if it wasn’t God wouldn’t have put that dream on your heart, so no matter what it is you still think ways to make it happen.

Monica's pic camera 109

Journalism is my real passion and I have worked for it even before realizing that it is what I want to do for the rest of my life, so when my self-doubt comes to live, I know deep down that I just have to keep going, I know I’m there , I have follow the needed initial steps and  I know the opportunity is there it’s just a matter of time. When you walk by faith and not by sight like I do most of the time, the How? the When? are answers that belongs to God, I just need to keep doing my part, keep a constant preparation, a constant search for improvements and take all possible chances to gain experience and master my skills, the rest He will make it happen!

When I said I was putting action into words, that’s what I did. I’ve worked for this over the years even without being conscious about it, during this learning process, I realized that most of the skills I’ve developed and the ones that comes natural to me, are all relate to my new path, guess the passion was in me all this time, life got in the way but God took me back to the right place to follow my dreams.

I graduated from a very intensive Certified Broadcast Journalism Program from the New YorK Film Academy at the end of 2011,  I am so so so proud of this, because it was the perfect step at the perfect time.

Monica's pic camera 149

So last year I was looking for that perfect job, this time I was aware that it was going to take time, but we all know that things are not easy in any place right now, so I knew it was going to be hard, but true to be told, never thought it was going to be that hard, or that I was going to be that close and far away at the same time. I got a second interview at a big Network which is pretty close in my book, and a trial after an interview for a cable channel, close too but when you don’t get that final call, you feel so far way.

Looking back, I see the positive side, they called in the first place, among thousands of applicants they called me, they considered me, that has to be a good sign, I’m in the right road.  I do think that all efforts will give you a reward so I’m trying to live one goal at a day, I had  some additional challenges as an International student, but I know nothing is impossible or everything is possible.


It’s all about the victories,  I’ve been blessed to volunteer at a nonprofit organization a small Radio & TV streaming, which has been a learning experience up to this time. I Also had the chance to worked as a Cultural Journalist intern at a NY interactive mapping website, an experience that I enjoyed so much, was not what I was used to do or thought to do, which was perfect, was a daily  school. Like my fellow Italians will say piano piano, baby steps! I feel like I’m telling you my resume, well if you want to hire me, just contact me ;) always be in the search!! Haha

2012 was the chance to experience growing in the real world of Journalism,  yes I thought this post was going to be me telling you about my great, stable and long-term Job, but hey I’m planning my next step to get there. I looked back and I see all the blessings, the personal grow, the family that is always there to support me no matter what, the friends that keep pushing me, listen to me and also laughing with me about all this crazy journey.


I will keep moving forward and toward my dreams. Meanwhile, I’m still trying to write good English and trying to have a more subtle latin accent  and sound  less like “Gloria” from Modern Family lol!! So funny…

Thanks for reading this never-ending post, I know it was too long and kind of personal but this is why I like this space. It allows me to just go on and on and on hahaha

Feel free to share or leave any comment, if you are reading this, you totally deserve to write whatever you want, you made it through here. Although not insults please I try to keep it PG13 :)

Pictures  with mu face are Mine lol, and   rest thanks to weit, pinterest and the video is from ABC uploaded in YouTube by hannah21mdjc.


About Monica

I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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