Let it Grow!



Let it grow
Let it grow
Like it did so long ago
Maybe it’s just one  tiny seed
But it’s all we really need
It’s time to change the life we  lead
Time to let it grow

It has been a while as usual, but this time I have an excuse, well at least that is what I told to myself ;)… Anyway I will keep it short today, at least I will try, I have said it in previous post, this thing of living in positive thoughts is not easy, I got to the point when it was and it is sometimes a little bit more than hard almost impossible, but in my case my faith is what makes it possible some days and what give me strength in the days when it’s hard.

I have been living in New York for more than two years by now, I love the City, as everyone will describe it, it is  a weird feeling, it is a very difficult City, expensive, loud, and sometimes is harsh but either it will win your heart or not, you either like it or hate it, forget about what you have seen in TV usually is not even close to reality, but in my case I feel comfortable here, I really like it, but it has drained me at times, don’t get me wrong there have been times when I have said forget it, I am leaving… But at the end all that I want is for Alicia Key to be right when she sings that song “If you make it here you can make it everywhere”, very ideally but so far this City has give me some opportunities and challenges that has change my life, my views and has given me the desire to follow my dreams with more determination!


When I started this blog, I said that I was going to write in English not only because it was a way to practice and maybe improve it, but also because it was a way to kind of keep it private, I was not sure what I was going to write about,  but throughout my few but sincere post I have found a space to share not only my thoughts but also my path which at first was a very private dream that now it has become a very loud voice and a very open goal that I have worked and will keep working untill I accomplish it.

I was going to keep it short, yeah right that’s not happening :/. All this bla bla bla is to let you know, what I have been doing during this past months?  (as if you care, which I know you do lol )… Well I have been and I am still looking for that chance, that opportunity, I am still knocking at doors to find who will take my experience, my potential, my passion and commitment to what I do, not easy but I have faith I know my time it’s not God’s time, so I have to be patience and eventually it will happen.


Meanwhile, I needed to be ready and use all the tools and venues to show in a more professional way what I want and what I am capable to do, so I created my professional website,  to let the rest of the world know, that I am a Journalist and to show them what I have done, and hopefully they will see my potential and will hire me!!

It took me time not because it is big or complicated but because my sister is here, and we only have one computer so imagine the situation… yeah it got slow, this sharing my computer is not easy, I know I am selfish lol, it seems that we can not agree sometimes on who has to use it at what times…. It’s so funny that even when you are older you will find yourself fighting with your siblings like you were children, or well maybe it’s just me! (I have to grow up!!!)


Let’s move on to my next big news, (at least for me…) aside from my professional website that it is done, finished, ready to go, well I only need to pay to have my name as address, but that can wait and I will do it soon I hope so :). I am starting a new adventure, as you already know if you have read this blog sometime or if you have given a look at my twitter account, that I like sports, I love football, yes the one that it’s actually played with the feet haaaaa! lol, (I mean soccer) and I have a tendency to tweet a lot about sports and a lot of my previous post were dedicated or had some kind of mentions about sports or players so I said to myself, Monica let’s give an exclusive space to that passion and  boom I created it a new blog!!! Well is actually a work in progress now, not post yet, but soon ;)

I know it might sound like a joke, I write every three months in this one that is my first baby blog, now is a three years old blog and how in the face of the earth I will keep a second one??? Well I will… How? I still don’t know, but one thing I am sure, is that I love to challenge myself, that I have alway set the bar very high and that I have always accomplish everything that I have set my mind on, of course I work hard and sometime harder to do that, but I think is positive, is a good chance to develop that passion, the good news is that I enjoy writing, I know I should have done it more often, but life has its owns ways to drive us to things.

Blog Hearder

So there you have it, I have a second blog dedicated exclusively to sports :0 haaaa! It has a name “Sports in high Heels.” I thought was very clever, hey I like sports and I love high heels was very simple,  but when I searched in google, I only found one more with that name, it turn out that I might not be that clever in blog names creations hahaha… later on I found  other two with a similar names, “Heel and Sports” and  “Sports in heels,” this last one it is a big one, but since we are focusing on different things, I don’t think will have any confusion… This new baby blog will be very newsy, all about my views on sports but also it will have my own opinions, right or wrong but mine!!

I’ll share it with you and I leave the links if you want to stop by…

Ok enough for today! If you got to here Thank you!!! Thanks for reading and feel free to let me know what you think?


P.S My new Blog header, I did in photoshop, firts time using it, after many tutorials and forever later I designed it, so proud!!

Pictures thanks to Weit, Pinteres and last two my own!!


About Monica

I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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