Let’s Develop from the Negatives!!

Hola all!


What a week :(, I think is fair to start this post by mentioned what happened in the Boston marathon, my prayers are with the ones that got hurt by the bombs attack, their families, and with every one in Boston… there are somethings that my mind cannot understand,  I know that there is evil in us and in this world. I understand that we all have bad and good in us, but what it is hard to believe how people can be so evil to the point where our minds cannot make sense, it is beyond my understanding, simply no words to express.

What happened in Boston was horrible and it shows the worst side of a human being and it should not happen again, and I pray and hope that peace should be a priority in our hearts and mind in every circumstance.


As humans I know that when events like this happens it touch our hearts but also our fears and remind us that we only  have one life, and sometimes it makes us feel guilty that there are times when we have a tendency to just exist which I think is different from living… but I think that we are entitled to do that once in a while, I think is part of being humans, we are simple creatures, we are born, supposed to live, reproduce and died but what happen in between those periods make us all simple but yet complex, but it is sad that events like this remind us that we have to take every day as a blessing!

Truth to be told, there are some days when I just want to be a plant, I mean I want to stay in my pajamas, watch some games or TV series and eat whatever I want, and I think that it is fine, as long as it is not my life goal I think I will be ok, some days we need time to just be but then we have to take those moments as our personal time outs, because then we breath and realize once again that what we really want is to start moving on and  living again, facing our realities, our struggles and cherish our happiness!


I know that bad things happens everywhere, I mean I came from a country where bad things can happen every hour of the day and you go out of your home only with the trust in God that you will be back at night or that we will be safe at home, I love my country and it is a beautiful small piece of heaven, but sadly we have evil dominating our streets at times, but even with those challenges I learned that we can not hide, we go out, have fun, take our precautions but we do enjoy life, because if we don’t we will be hiding in our houses and just looking at the time passing by, which goes against our nature and everyone nature…

I say this because yes, every time that a tragedy happens close to our eyes, we not only feel the sadness and the fear but we also think about what we have done or what we haven’t done and it shake our grounds, life it is not granted, we have to enjoy, go for what we want and fight for our dreams but also we have to love and appreciate our close ones and don’t take them for granted either, but we have to keep faith and hope in us, that what we believe as kids it is true, that good will prevail over evil!!


I think our mind works in a specific way and sometimes what it’s close to your eyes probably is what it’s going to hit you more, because that it’s how it works, so yes we are entitled to feel sadness and sorry and yes we know that other people is suffering around the world, in cruel wars or dangerous countries but we only can hope, pray and have faith that we can build a better world somehow and keep trying everyday!!

Thanks for reading my random thoughts and personal opinions you too are entitled to disagree with me and yes it is fine!!! ;)

Let’s enjoy life, let’s keep dreaming and working for our goals, let’s keep going!!


Any comments feel free to share it!


Pictures thanks to We it.


About Monica

I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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