The perks of living abroad! (Tales from old and new traditions!)

Hola :)


As you might know from previous post, I am in an English school trying to improve my languages skills… yes I am trying!! lol.  Anyways is very common that once in a while we will talk about cultural differences, or cultural shock, since all of us are from everywhere is a very common topic conversation… Still it surprise me every time how many cultures can be in one class imagine in the city or the world and it’s amazing how different and similar our customs or traditions can be…

During the past months I have met people from Countries that I only have heard about it or have seen in a map and never thought I was going to meet anyone from those places, this is one of the beauties of New York, literal you will find people from everywhere. I think is good,  at least if you are open or willing to meet other cultures hehe, the point is that  it opens up your perspectives and views so much that you realized that sometimes you have lived in your own bubble…  It’s good to have a chance to get to know other bubbles as well hehe…


The conversation always starts with the question “Did you had a cultural Shock when you came to the US or to NY?” and the answer is always yes in different levels, but it’s interesting how that question make us think  and talk about what you miss the most, and ok the obvious answer from most of us is our Family, that is a given… the second one is our traditions. I have always considered my country very americanized, we are used to American TV, music, food, and style of life we even have the dollar as our currency, so my cultural shock wasn’t that bad, I think  it was worst went I went to Italy, but still I miss my culture and what makes us unique… I miss my traditional food, nothing like our Pupusas, or our cheap organic fruit… hello, I was used to pay $1 for three avocados and now it one for 1$ or  five apples for $1 and now I pay one for 1$-ish hahaha anyways what  I am saying is that the little things that you give for granted when you are in your homeland, are the ones that you miss and value the most when you are away.


It’s amazing how we are able to adapt and embrace new cultures and new traditions, of course not everyone likes new things or want to adapt, I can understand that, let me tell you Rome was hard to adapt for me, the food, the products, the city all beautiful and delicious but at the same time I felt so out-of-place, and felt that everything was so different somehow, maybe with more time I would have definitely adjust but I think I had an easy and faster adjustment here in the United States, I still hold on to my own traditions but also I have embraced and created new ones, I think this is part of living abroad, no matter how long you are planning to stay  it will impact you.

Just last month during Easter day for example, in  my country the Holy week is a catholic holiday as  of now my country is still in majority catholic, therefore it’s a week off, intended to celebrate the religious ceremony but nowadays in  reality  its more a vacation time for a lot of people, even if you are religious, people will use the days off to stay with their families or go to the beach and things of that nature, I am catholic so for me it’s a special week and is one of those occasions in the year when I miss my traditions, going to church, the smells, the way mass is celebrate it, and also our traditional food during that week; torrejas, salted fish, fruit made with an especial candy or honey thing, delicious!!

Comida Tipica

But despite missing all that, I also cherish the new traditions I have built here, like spending Easter day with our New Yorker friend and celebrate an American style Easter day,  now it has been three years in a row  that we have spent it with her and her family, and we have enjoyed it so much, from getting to her house at a suburban neighborhood with all the Easter bunny decorations to all the food we have and the conversations with the family, the pastels colors and the bunny hunting, I even got my first Easter Basket the first year we went, those moment are priceless too, embracing new cultures, creating traditions and having great and fun experiences!!


At the end life it’s made of the moments and experiences no matter the place, what matter is the people, the friends, the food, the smells and the smiles… I miss my family and that will never change no matter where I am or will be, they are my all, but I am thankful for the blessing of being able to build moments that keep me going.

I know I’ll be fine!

Thanks for reading, any comment is welcome ;)

Pictures thanks to We it, the collage I made with google pictures and last one It’s me!! lol


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I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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