I found my compass again!!

Hola a tod@s !!


June is gone, say hello to July!!! We are over Mid year, I feel like tomorrow I will start decorating for Christmas, this is how fast times is going… give me a break :)…

Since it is mid year and things went a little bit weird this month, you know, there are days or times when you start analyzing everything, what is the next move that will take me to my dream and goal as a Journalist, sometimes I get so scare because I don’t see a clear next move, for many reasons, some because I’m out of track meaning I’m just standing waiting to see if a miracle will happen, and some others because there are things that you can not control and it make you think, how, when or why things go, or can go in a certain way. And I believe in miracles, don’t get me wrong, I do believe, but I also have said it before sometimes in order for miracles to happens you have to be ready and that means that you have to  keep walking and working hard and doing things that will prepare you for that miracle.


Well the fact that June is the best month of the year… yeah it was my birthday month!! I was officially one year wiser on june 4th!! (oookay one year older ;)… but I am ageing very gracefully hahaha) Anyway if you add that to the equation I had some very long nights thinking and trying not to think hahaha how hard I was working for it or if I was hardly working? to be or not to be? :/…  And then you feel you have to take decisions, that if you don’t have any idea what is the next step then you should start look other things, other paths or options or just go back to your comfort zone, but rush decisions are dangerous, sometimes you don’t have ways to go back without jeopardizing something or without stressing yourself or your love ones.

Since things happened for a reason, I also think that every step and decision we made we are supposed to learn something,  well June taught me a lot, sometimes you think you won’t make the same mistakes again, that you will stay strong in your goals or toward your goals, that once you walk that rough path that was it, you learned your lesson and boom you surpass that mistake, but then you realized that you are in the same position again,  that yes when the challenges hit you like a ball in the head, you got all distracted, out of focus or disoriented, well and since I’ve been getting those curve balls right into my head quite often this past months,  I kept wondering what do I need to learn, what it’s that I have missed or I keep missing that I’m in this position of doing something that it’s not in my plan, and how do I go back to my plan…


But the funny thing in all of this is that in that struggle or during that rough path it’s when sometimes you will get that light, that idea, you will find a way that you haven’t thought about it, sometimes nothing work the best that being challenge, or being put in a situation where your option is to think; What else??… How I turn around, and what I need to do to get back on my path, how do I keep walking toward my dream, and then you realized that sometimes is just a simple step, and I have to take simple steps, that’s the next move…

Then you have to walk with faith that your next move it is the right one, that you thought it and got that idea as a divine sign… I have the most supporting family, and that is a blessing, I thank God all the decision I’ve made because without them I wouldn’t  have found my next move, my compass (my north and I am not talking about kim kardashian’s daughter… what a name, just saying :/ lol, anyway I can look for my north, south, east or west). I lost myself at moments in desperation and in the constant question of how and where to go or to start,  I lost some dedication and discipline in those questions, but now I regained them back, I started again and I will find those small jobs that will give me more experience, that would keep my mind updated, that will challenge me to be creative, and meanwhile I’ll keep knocking on doors even if it’s the same door!! (I know so simple but a couple of no, or a couple of comments sometimes can send you out of the road that you needed to be… crazy world !!!)

Eventually thing will fall into place, and I will see how all this made it possible, how that struggle brought me back to my goal.


I’m focus and now it’s a matter of staying strong, don’t look other ways, and other people only if is to help, my only competition it’s me, I have to get better and be better than yesterday and I have a plan that I can walk and readjust if I need to, but keeping the eyes on the goal… Then trust in God, he have everything else in his hands and he knows better therefore he knows all the right steps and the right moves, and he’ll send them in the right time!!

Let’s start July with a renew attitude, with a stronger faith and with a firmly believe that everything will be better… This is going to be a great year, it will be my year!!! Wohooo!!


Thank for reading, keep going and stay strong!

Enjoy july… it’s getting hotter!!! …. Summer time :)


Pictures thanks to weit, and two found in pinterest.

About Monica

I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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